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New user, seeking some advice
  • Draken14Draken14
    Posts: 6
    I bought the Aneros MGX about a week ago and it arrived yesterday. Since then I have been able to use it twice. The first time was just before I went to bed, and it was more to get myself acclimated and figure out what it would feel like. Slightly uncomfortable at first since I've never used any sort of anal toys, but after a few minutes it wasn't really a bother. The second time was earlier today for over an hour. During that time I got a number of interesting and new sensations, and both times I got a little bit of precum. So I know something's happening! Both times I was in the one leg stretched out, one leg pulled up position from the instructions, though the second time I (unsuccessfully) experimented with positions a bit. I tried alternating between periods of small muscle contractions, larger ones, and simply relaxing. While none of them really worked, I'm not discouraged.

    In any case, I'm just looking for some advice and tips from the more veteran users; I'm hoping the third time's the charm. There were a bunch of times where I could feel my pulse against the Aneros, but other than an interesting rhythm it didn't really do much. There was a certain spot (spots?) that I hit where the feeling was much different. I could feel my pulse, but then it felt like there was another pulse or muscle spasm on top of that and staggered so that it felt twice as fast. I get the feeling this is important, I'm just curious how.

    I'm also wondering what would be good for self-cleansing and/or lubrication before use. If possible I would like to find something at a local pharmacy, but I won't shy away from online ordering (within reason, naturally).

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Draken14!

    Welcome to the Forum!

    The MGX is a great choice and it seems to be hitting the tight sopt for you.

    I usually start out on my left side for 15-10 minutes and just chill-out for a while! Then I usually switch to the
    "On the back with feet flat on bed" position, where I have most of my Super-O's.

    If you hit a Super-O on the first few times, you would be in a very small group of "luckier than hell" guys
    and not to discourage you, but it usually takes a while to succeed!

    From what you describe, however, it sounds like your body is in the re-wiring process already!

    I don't usually douche before-hand . . . I know my body well enough to tell whether I need one and if I do
    a waste extraction an hour or so before, I am good to go!

    You are on the correct path and at this point, I would just relax and enjoy!

    Later, Hlaser99