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face down, fist under (or washcloths)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    in a thread about ArcticWolves' video, i mentioned some tricks about using the aneros while lying on your stomach.

    thought i'd break that out into its own thread.

    (1) point penis to feet. if you can do this comfortably, it will prevent stimulation of the underside of your penis, which will help avoid short circuiting to ejaculation

    (2) place a fist under your pubic area to stimulate your prostate from the "external prostate" spot.

    to learn about that spot, visit this site:

    check out the whole site, but particularly "massage #2"

    when on your stomach, put your fist (thumb side up) anywhere between the base of your penis and your navel. experiment with finding the spot that give you subtle prostate feelings. for me, it is usually in my pubic hair. as always with these things, subtle at first can be major later.

    here is a quote (from the other thread) from utubeplay, who discovered this as a boy:

    utubeplay said:

    Hey Darwin,

    I thought I was the ONLY ONE who ever did this! Glad to meet another guy who uses this method! I REALLY get off when I do this! The Super O's just DON"T STOP once I put my fist down there.

    I actually discovered this method when I was about 6 or 7 years old before I even hit Puberty. I would kinda rock back and forth on my fist while lying on my stomach. I would sorta push up and in while rocking. MAN did that feel GREAT and I could do it over and over again! Then I hit Puberty and I was only good for one orgasm then I would ejaculate.

    Now that I have found ANEROS I again can keep the Super O's CUMMING and CUMMING without ejaculating!

  • nodaknodak
    Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info Darwin. I'll be trying it my next session.

  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    Great tip, I'm certainly going to give this a try with my next session as well!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    i used this trick last night and payed closer attention to what i do.

    the region i press in on is in the pubic hair region, where i can feel the pubic bone stopping. get a knuckle in behind the bone a bit, pressing into your body, and down towards groin.

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    I haven't tried this technique myself yet but I did try something similar yesterday during a masturbation session. This may help you to discover where to press and the pleasurable feelings to expect from it.

    I normally take myself up to the edge and try to stay there for as long as possible until I either ejaculate by going a little too far or decide to stop and resume later. When you have reached the edge, use the fingers of your other hand to press firmly into the soft area between the pubic bone and the penis. This will be in the pubic hair region as Darwin mentioned. I used a simple massaging motion of just pressing firmly in and out with my fingertips. You shouldn't be jabbing yourself, so the motion will be somewhat circular. You may also be able to apply firm pressure and massage in a circular motion parallel to the skin but since I have pubic hair down there, that started to get irritating. Continue masturbating while massaging this area.

    I only felt pleasurable sensations when I was on the edge. Using this technique while I was trying to reach the edge didn't do anything for me so if you normally don't edge, this may not work for you. I just tried this yesterday for the first time so this may be similar to nipple stimulation where repeated stimulation increases sensitivity.

    I was using my Fleshlight at the time and got to the point where I stopped moving my Fleshlight and was able to ejaculate simply by massaging this area.

    I hope this helps someone!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    here is a *very good* variation.

    get two washcloths. lay one on top of the other. fold both in half (so you now have quadruple thickness). roll it up. now you have a roll of washcloth roughly the size of a can of frozen orange juice.

    lie on belly, dick pointing down, and put the roll under you, in your pubic region.

    you should feel some prostate excitement.

    try humping it (avoid penis stim), etc, and different leg positions, eg, frog legs, yoga legs, etc.

    it is *amazing*

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Onthepath said:

    ... use the fingers of your other hand to press firmly into the soft area between the pubic bone and the penis.

    I do my exercises flat on my back, and always massage the same area. I use the Phillips Body Groom and keep myself very smooth down there. If you do likewise, you'll see that you have an indentation in that same spot (also makes your penis look bigger and more handsome!). My indentation seems to have gotten somewhat deeper over the last year or so!

    When you feel the pleasure in your pubic bone, start to massage a little higher, moving up to your navel, and then towards your sternum, and eventually to your collar bone, taking care of nipples along the way. You'll find that you can draw the pleasure upwards towards your head and concentrate the pleasure there without coming.
  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    Thanks Darwin for the tip. It worked for me without the aneros in. Slowly humping my fist was wonderful. Is your usual technique to do this with the aneros in or not. I have several sizes of the aneros, is a smaller size better?
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Thanks for the tip GrandTiger. I guess I stumbled onto the EMD exercise without realizing it.

    I have shaved my pubic area before but I really didn't like the look and ensuing stubble. So, I reached a compromise and now I trim those areas that have a lot of hair such as above the penis and completely shave those areas with little hair such as on the penis itself, the scrotum, and my perineum. That way I still have some hair down there, I get the optical illusion of being bigger, and my perineum is hair free to prevent the perineum tab on the Aneros from pulling the hair. I use the Norelco Body Groom which seems to do the job without too much hassle.