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My first ever MMO's WOW!!
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    A month ago, I would never have thought this possible. I must confess, until last night I still had some doubts. I'm still a newbie, only about 3 weeks in, but apparantly one of the lucky ones. It has come relatively easy for me. I first saw Aneros advertised on another website about a month ago. I read the testimonials and thought yeah sure, they were just trying to sell a high priced sex toy. But curiosity got the best of me and I checked out the Aneros website. Read the testimonial here and of course the forum & wiki, etc. I kind of figured after that, if this thind does half of what these guys are saying its a bargain. So I ordered a helix and after the first couple of sessions had no results to speak of, just kind of a general pleasant feeling in my rear. I couldn't really identify if it was even touching my prostate, in fact, I wasn't sure where it really was. I finally figured that out. After a couple more sessions I had the involuntary contractions happening and then night before last had the first mild orgasm. I wasn't even going to try last night because I tend to be a little sore for a day or two after a session but at bedtime I decided what the hell, and lubed it up and popped it in. For about 45 minutes nothing was really happening and I must have gotten bored because I fell asleep for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I was certainly aware I still had the helix in so I started with a few contractions and nothing was really happening so I thought I should just give up and go back to sleep. Then for some reason I did a couple of real hard contractions and pulled my helix in to the max. All of a sudden it felt REALLY good and after a couple more of those, the helix got the idea and started in on its own. I felt a strong orgasm building and just tried to concentrate on what I was feeling. It peaked and a few seconds later another one started to build, stronger than the last one. This repeated at least 7 or 8 times until something distracted me and I lost it. It was incredible! The pleasure was exquisite. I didn't get the "Super O" but now I really belive its out there and I want it! Thanks to all the experts for their encouragement and advice. And thank you Aneros for coming up with this little jewel.
  • Excellent job for hanging in there man. It looks like you have found the secret to getting those involuntary contractions. Just bring those same sensations/feelings back!! Don't get distracted and let it keep on building until you are in complete bliss. Once you have reached this state of complete bliss just keep going until you get that Super-O. For me my whole body convulsed uncontrollably with the most intense feeling I have ever felt, it felt like I was cumming the biggest load ever (Yet only precum was to be found), and you can do this over & over again. You are well on your way to achieving the Super-O. Again, just let those feelings/sensations build upon each other and don't force anything to happen because those feelings will then go away.

    Good Luck!!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi O'shea, and Welcome!

    Man, you're on the fast track!

    Sounds to me like low level Super-O's (or Mini's)!

    Keep doing what you're doing . . .

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser99

    Oh, and Hi ArcticWolves! (good to meet you too!)