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nooby to aneros but long time anal
  • jagbenderjagbender
    Posts: 11
    I have been stimulating my anus and rectum prostate for 30 years. I am in the process of selecting an Aneros for prostate stim.

    I like large toys and dildos in the rear. I like a full feeling and something thick for my sphincter to squeeze.

    I am considering the helix due to the polls and readings on the Forum

    I am intriguied by the maxima and Progasm.

    Any input (pun intended)

  • just answered your own question there!

    Go with the Progasm......I think 30 years qualifies you? :)
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I agree. The Helix is great, but if you want something large that is definitely the Progasm. If you look at the polls it currently has a slight lead on the Helix as the favorite for orgasms. I haven't tried the Progasm yet, but am looking forward to getting it very soon. The Progasm also supports the other accupressure spot on the other side of the anus than the perenium also, and so far from manual stimulation I really like that spot. :shock:

    In April Aneros will release the Peridise. I look forward to hearing more about it. I'm not sure if it even stimulates the prostate. It may just cause those anal contractions (I forget the name for it) peristalysis? Anyway, it sounds interesting. Hmm....if that is good then why not combine in a model that does everything?

    Anyway, for me the Helix kind of tickles and taunts me with rapid p-waves and contractions to euphoria and orgasm. Typically after getting really primed by the Helix I then slip in the MGX which is a bit more difficult to get started, but in this way it jumps right in. For me, it seems the MGX has a much more intense deeper orgasmic ability including hands free ejaculation. I very much like both, and they work great together.

    So, I really recommend them all. I'm going to get the Eupho soon too. People say it is interesting and distinctive much like the Helix is. They all have their own properties and abilities to make you writhe in a special way. :wink:
  • jagbenderjagbender
    Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info

  • jagbenderjagbender
    Posts: 11
    I Just ordered a progasm!

    Now I wait :cry: