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Super O Tips
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Here's a few things I've noticed. Thought I'd add a tip or two for those of you trying to learn to Super O. This may be with the Aneros or completely hands free without the Aneros for MMO's. The rest of you are free to add your own as well. Let me know if any of these help you. They certainly do me.

    1) In another thread I mentioned nipple message. This does speed it up, but it also does something else. The tickling of your nipple will cause your prostate to react. Learn to feel that. Learn where it mentally feels inside you. While stimulating yourself nipples, or aneros focus on that spot inside you. Let it move and take it in or go deeper, etc.

    2) When I am making progress in my stimulation, or nowadays just by focusing mentally on my prostate, I will start feeling a pulse and pulsation in that area. I often sometimes hear it in my head too particularly when I am getting really close to a big orgasm. When you start hearing your pulse in your head you are doing something right. Keep doing it. When you feel your pulse around your prostate and anal area focus on it mentally. Take in the pulse feel. Feel the pulse. Allow yourself to merge with the pulse. This will bring on orgasms if you follow them long enough.
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    +1 on the nipple stimulation. Tried it for the first time this week, always thinking my nipples weren't particularly sensitive. But just tickling them for about 30 sec and I did start to feel this inner connection between my nipples and pelvis area (prob prostate, but I had this swelling thingling sensation throughout my whole pelvis). I went "duh... how is this possible, what a weird connection".

    That's where I am now. but each time i start on my nipples, I get a nice erection and thinling within a minute. Nice discovery and good tip OH!!. Try it if you're new to this.
  • dbltmedbltme
    Posts: 22
    A problem that I have encountered is that it seems like my breathing gets in the way of following the sensation of my pulse. I definitely can get that sensation of my pulse in my prostate, and I can do that pretty much at will now (been using the Aneros for almost 2 years). But as that sensation grows, I start to get out-of-breath, and that starts to kill the nice sensation that was building. Anybody else have that experience? How can I overcome it?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yeah, the breathing can potentially be tough. It can help you or hurt you. For me I think I just follow naturally my breathing with what my body is doing. When I am really turned on I often have to breath more. That doesn't mean deeper. That typically means more shallow and faster. But when I am having or starting to have mini, O's, or super O's my breathing may almost go away for awhile as I focus. But be careful. You don't want to pass out, or have your blood pressure go too high. I monitor how I feel. After a lot (minute or few minutes) of shallow quick breathing, I will usually have to take a deep breath. This does shut things down a bit, but then I just go back to focusing and breathing more shallow. It will cycle up, and then down, and then cycle back around again, but each time you should be more excited and closer to a big orgasm.

    An alternative is to force yourself a bit to breath shallower and faster. I've tried this and sometimes it can help get you turned on a bit - or you can hyperventilate a bit. Actually, that is kind of how it works. The fast, shallow breathing builds up oxygen as you are getting more excited. Then when the sensation gets intense and hits you likely you will almost stop breathing as your body catches up and reacts. You will then go into a bit of oxygen deprivation I believe as you are cumming briefly before resuming more shallow breathing.

    I believe I have found though it is more important to focus on the sensations you feel inside you and perhaps on some fantasy rather than your breathing. Generally I think you will naturally breathe to support your activity / metabolism if you don't get hung up mentally thinking about it too much. Hope this helps and doesn't confuse any of you. It's a bit hard to describe how it works it seems.