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Is this a super o, or is this..
  • Tim760Tim760
    Posts: 8
    I'll describe this as best as I can. Fairly new user. Tried the maximus and mgx with limited results, no super O. I tried for several months regularly and was convinced it's not possible. Then I got a progasm the other day and now I'm not sure. I think it fits my anatomy better, more contact with my prostate. So here are two different things that happen. I lay on my back, legs up, KY lube. Instead of squeezing rythmically or anything like that I just sqeeze my PC muscles about halfway and hold. After awhile a sort of quivering starts around my prostate. Probably from muscle fatigue. I just hold that and very soon start to feel pleasure sensations that build rythmically. It's a little dissapointing because when they start to build you think it's going to be a super O but then they level off. After a minute or so another wave starts. I've been able to reach pretty high points this way and it feels almost as good as a regular orgasm, maybe about 80%. When it starts to feel great I feel my lower abdomenal muscles tense up and I go into a part pelvic tilt. I try to stay relaxed overall except for those muscles that I can't seem to control. So is that a super O, just not quite there? Or is this: Sometimes I will lay in bed on my side and take the do nothing approach. sometimes when I am doing that I get a sudden very large contraction of my whole abdomen, upper thighs, pelvic muscles and PC muscle, almost like during ejaculation, it's really powerfull. Usually it's just once, sometimes I get two or three in a row, it feels pretty good but I'm not sure if that's it. So which is the correct path? Or are both ways in? It seems like the first way is better. I have a feeling that if I just continue to practice it will get better each time and eventually I'll get there. Of course I am trying really hard to not try really hard, if you know what I mean...... Thoughts?

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Tim,

    My thoughts are that if both of these ways that you described are working for you then stick with them. As this process continues, you will realize that there are going to be countless ways for you to achieve Super O's. The success that you have recently had would indicate that you are well on your way. If you can achieve 80% of the feelings associated with a traditional orgasm you know what I am talking about.

    The key here would be to take some time to simply explore these feelings that you are having at this stage without expecting them to get any better. It is easier said than done, but I think it will help your progress if you take some time to enjoy yourself at this level. Just know that there is more and it will come with some time and practice. You will experience progress when you least expect it. TRYING REALLY HARD NOT TO TRY REALLY HARD . No truer words were spoken.

    Take it easy.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yep, from my experience I'd say the first scenario is closer to the path to a super O than the second. Not sure what is happening on the second...but it sounds interesting and good if it feels good.

    Using the first scenario, as you guess it can and does get MUCH better. It will get so good that you won't believe it. It can totally blow you away!. I used to have some great traditional orgasms using edging, but my current ones are more like toward the peak of that but lasting possibly for hours. A Super O or Big O climax is on a similar level ~ potentially higher and also may include ejaculation. Load up on quality fish oil and dark chocolate for awhile and see where you end up. :D