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is "WET (TM) Light" lube too thin for this?
  • mattthmattth
    Posts: 1

    I got my Aneros (MGX) in the mail yesterday but I have not tried it yet. I bought it from When I ordered my fleshlight, the online store recommended Wet Light lube, which is the thinner version of Wet brand lube. I didn't even notice that I wasn't buying a regular lube. :?

    So my question is, is this an appropriate lube for use with the Aneros?(especially for someone who has not experience with anal penetration?) It's friday and I don't want to wait till next week to get a better lube.
    I have heard that petroleum jelly might not be safe, but is it ok to use it just once for the time being? I'm very eager to try this thing out! :D

    -Matt, total newbie
  • DC26.2DC26.2
    Posts: 8
    I've seen the experts on this forum recommend thinner lube when pre-lubricating inside and using thicker lube on the Aneros before inserting. If your lube seems too thin, I'd recommend running out to your local drugstore or Wal-Mart and get KY. I use KY on my Helix and it works fine. The nice thing about the Wal-Mart in my town is that the KY is not locked in a case like it is in some stores and with the self-scan checkout, noone knows that I'm buying it not even the cashier.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Hi mattth,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    My recommendation to all new owners of an Aneros massager is to read the Aneros Basics, Getting Started & The Super-O sections of the new WIKI, see ( ), there is a wealth of essential information contained within the WIKI, which will save you a great deal of time and frustration during your learning process, plus it will answer a good many questions you have yet to formulate.
    For you in particular, check out the Lubrication section in , this should help you decide things for yourself.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi mattth and Welcome!

    I have used Petroleum jelly for years and it hasn't caused me or anyone I know any problems!

    As a beginner, you might use the liquid you bought as a pre-lube (inject it inside) and Vaseline on the Aneros itself.
    Or in a pinch, coat it with Petroleum jelly and put a coating of liquid over it!

    (you may even need to re-apply, depebnding on the length of your sessions.)

    The idea is to keep it as slick as possible for mobility thru the entire session!

    Later, Hlaser99

    P.S. I use Albolene, found in women's cosmetic Dept. of drug stores! Inexpensive and very slick!