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  • Ace March 2008
Aneros use after a colonoscopy
  • DC26.2DC26.2
    Posts: 8
    Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for how soon after a colonoscopy to resume using an Aneros model? I have a routine (don't expect the doctor to find anything) colonoscopy scheduled for the end of the month. I was thinking that if I'm going to have to go through the trouble of cleaning out my system for the test, I might as well take advantage of it with my Helix. I've never had a colonoscopy before so I don't know how tender the test makes everything. I had a sigmoidoscopy several years ago and don't remember the recovery being too bad. Maybe that's because by comparison that test was rather painful ... I'm glad I'm being put under for this one.

  • AceAce
    Posts: 1
    You may have some discomfort from bloating as air is used to expand the colon walls during the procedure. Usually there is no soreness. You will probably feel very tired and will want to sleep for a few hours afterwards. I waited a day or so and it was just fine. Good luck on your exam.