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Sex after Aneros - has it changed?
  • View Poll Results: What is your opinion of sex after using Aneros? Voters: 601

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    Better than before 455 75.71%

    Worse than before 11 1.83%

    Hasn't changed 113 18.80%

    Is only as good now if using Aneros during sex 22 3.66%

  • Hi, I'm new to the aneros experience and am looking at buying the helix to begin with but I would be very interested to hear everyones view on sex after using them. I am in a long term relationship and sex with my girlfriend is amazing, it brings us closer and we experience amazing passion that I always crave and look forward to. However, if I was to start using aneros products which may take me to another level of pleasure, (reading about multiple super o's lasting hours makes me excited just imagining it) will I be less interested in sex and other sexual activities with my girlfriend after experiencing them? Do you prefer using your aneros to having sex? or has using them improved your sex life? made you better in bed?

    Any comments, views, experiences about this would be great.

    All the best and many thanks to everyones contribution to this forum I've done a lot of reading!
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    well..i'll reply first...NO...ur not gonna lose interest in having sex with her...prolly gonna ramp it up a notch...hell i've done forgot the second our experiences have been it makes everything better..lil more frequent...her watching me as i watch her...fuck it..i'll let the experts take it from here...
  • hey evil, thanks for the reply. You mentioned that it's a 'lil more frequent' did you mean you're having sex more often? if so why do you think that is?

    cheers mate
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    yeah..meaning that now we have like over years our normal sex play but once or twice a week we include the aneros for me and her toys on herself while watching each other..oh..and the second question...preferring it to having marital sex? way..if i had to choose i'd throw the aneros away...shes my soulmate, my lover, my life...has it made our sex lives our situation...shes open to trying new things..but i can also see the flipside as to where a mans wife might be totally turned off by it...glad thats not us...
  • Thanks, that's reassuring. I hope she might welcome the idea :)
  • My wife is the one that encouraged me to be receptive to the Aneros. It has absolutely brought us closer together as it has caused us to be much more communicative regarding our sexual needs. We have always experemented with extended foreplay sessions over the years, where I could remain hard but avoid ejaculation - all the while I would pleasure my wife to multiple orgasms - but we did this without intercourse. I would vicariously enjoy her passionate orgasms until it was time for us to end our session. During those years she felt a lot of pressure to perform.

    The aneros has been transformational for us. When I experienced my first super o, it took a long time to understand what was happening. For most males, we traditionally associate ejaculation with orgasm. I have subsequently learned that a man can have an orgasm with out ejaculation - and interestingly, once the Aneros is in place for 20 or so minutes, my inclination to ejaculate becomes substantially reduced, so we can engage in intercourse several times.

    Now that I can have multiple orgasms, our sessions last 2 hours or so. As a result, we need to be very communicative as to when we will "schedule" our next session since sadly 2 hours is a large block of time these days. But the plus side is that it causes us to crave our next session, and we have developed a silly little code word that we will text each other when we are daydreaming about that next session.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Aneros encourages one/couples into transformative sex, beyond mimicking reproductive seeding even as that is enhanced with aneros (Super-Ts are great!), into a world of ecstatic adventures and spiritual orgasmic energies. THANK YOU!

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268


    Do you prefer using your aneros to having sex?
    ...or has using them improved your sex life? made you better in bed?


    Sex is always #1!

    I think it has made me more imaginative with regard to female orgasm and enabled me to ask better questions and better understand how my mate responds.

    Wish I had this experience 50 years ago !!
  • I found that the Aneros is a pretty exclusive experience. In order for me to enjoy multiple orgasms I need quiet relaxation and lots of time. My wife is not in to any kind of "alternative" sex or sex toys, so she would object to the Aneros. I love it and want to keep it alllll for myself!
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 70
    Wow --- has it ever! By the time I had a prostate biopsy and open heart surgery last year, sex with my wife had stopped. Before that, my erections were not reliably firm nor long lasting; and, the side effects of the enhancing drugs were not enjoyable. Up until last year, we had always enjoyed our intimate times together; but, they were straight forward and with the lights out. I came across info on Aneros; and, decided to give the MGX and Helix a try --- especially when I read that use could help with developing harder erections of longer endurance. I shared my decision with my wife. She was curious; and, after I used them alone two times, she expressed an interest in watching me. It was obvious my using an Aneros was something she wanted to be a part of. One thing has led to another; and, the past two weeks have seen a wonderful new chapter in our 20 year marriage. The lights are now on and we have shared intimate experiences I had long ago given up dreaming of. My wife even slips my Aneros in for me and later slids it out --- awesome! Aneros has been a catalyst in our relationship with unbelievable results. At 59, I have never been so sexually alive!!! :D