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born again user
  • sfssfs
    Posts: 1
    I have to say my first experiance with the aneros was not great and I actually threw out my first device. I now realize it was my own fault it was not working and I was expecting to much to soon. I never used it at the right place and the right time and was expecting instant reults. Recently my wife read an article about prostate massage and health she showed me the article and the device recomended was the aneros. Much to my delight I was born again with a green light to purchase from my wife. This changed everything for me. :D I first used my new aneros in bed with my wife at my side. I was able to relax and not feel uncomfortable or like I was sneeking around. Still no super o but I am going to practice and with time I am sure it will cum. That has not stopped me from having some of the most intense orgasms in a long time while practicing with and without my wife. good luck to all lube up and enjoy.