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Call me old-fashioned (MGX review)
  • Hmmm. After several very pleasurable months of using a Helix I read the post here that has the diagram showing the differences in various measurements. So I purchased an MGX at the next opportunity. Vive la difference! I find that the MGX provides a very different and more direct sensation at the p-spot. This first MGX session was just marvelous ... one wave right after another for nearly two hours, with a feeling of being energized afterward. I am slightly less than 5'8" tall ... so I don't know if it is a matter of physical build or simply human variation on a theme. Regardless, I can say that I was initially skeptical of the Helix ... and then skeptical of any "meaningful" difference in the smaller models.
    These darn things keep teaching me to just wait and see what happens...and when it oh my.

    One down note, the "smoother" surface on the MGX doesn't seem to hold lube as well as the Helix. With the latter I don't often pre lube ... but I can see that with the MGX it may be necessary.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi bill3763!

    ALL the Aneros models have very different effects!

    Indeed, you seem to be finding this out for sure!

    This is why, every time a new model comes out we all race to purchase one and tehn wait impatiently for the
    Delivery Guy! (Human Nature, Eh?)

    I have had sessions with ALL my models and they all had a different feel, which caused just a little different orgasm!
    (wouldn't trade any of those orgasms or any model in my Aneros Stable!)

    Enjoy your Journey, Bill!

    Later, Hlaser99