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What worked for me...
  • New user, got the helix about 4 days ago. Felt nothing for the first few times, then bam! People on these boards are good at explaining what they felt with illustrative language but nobody can explain how. Pretty frustrating. Maybe they can't, maybe they don't want to, but whatever. Really feel for all the frustrated guys as i was there recently myself.

    Heres how it happened:

    Warmed her and the lube up, injected lube and lubed aneros up pretty well. Again, felt nothing as usual. Absolutely nothing, totally pissed. Was relaxed, calm, had porn, yadda yadda. I expected to atleast feel something. Then I got on the forums here desperately trying to find something, anything, any sort of technique or "secret". Then i stumbled upon something on the forum, the guy who wrote it, and I must thank him, didn't even intend to be giving a tip or any advice whatsoever. He was looking for help himself. Soon as i saw what he wrote, without even trying it, i felt i was onto something very key. Basically, he said that he held the contraction, he held his anus shut! Then, it would tire out and loose control, starting the feelings.

    So, Im on my side, one leg bent on top of the other. I start contracting, slow and deep, then fast, then really fast. Then i decided to try holding it. He said he held it for like 10 mins! Well, after about just a minute or two of holding, I was starting to feel something. "Waves", "Buzz", whatever the jargon is, and i started laughing a bit cause i knew it was actually real, there was nothing to doubt anymore. Keep in mind though that i was still holding the contraction, not too much but somewhere in the middle. That is the key. I guess it pushes the walls, and thus the prostate, towards the aneros when you hold it. But then there was nothing more then that buzz. Still on my side, I decided to get on my back, legs bent at the knees, feet flat on bed. Then I laughed a bit more, cause i knew once again, it was really starting. Started hyperventilating uncontrollably, shaking all over, abdomen contracting, felt incredible, eyes rolled into the back of my head. Pretty scary actually as i had never lost control like that before, once my eyes started rolling i though i was gonna die, hahahaha. The "super-o"'s continued for like 2.5-3 hours, and as you can guess i didn't die. But it was scary good.

    Basically, you just wanna tire out the anus by doing like 5-10 mins of slow-fast contractions, then start holding for a while. Once the feelings start, wait like 2 mins, then get on your back. I didn't release the contraction, and im guessing you probably shouldn't either. You won't even feel anything is there once you are on your back anyway. Hopefully this will help most if not all who have not had any success. Don't know why people on here never tell you "what" to do, only what they felt. All this stuff about being "relaxed", a "journey" , etc, I don't really think matters. For me, there was nothing spiritual about it, don't mean to demean anybody else's feelings. It was just a really nice session. :D
    Somehow i have a feeling this will get taken down, or put in some other thread, so read it while it lasts, try it, and spread the word if it works.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Mr. Mega-O,

    Just a line or two to tell you how really lucky you are!

    Very few people have a Super-O after just 4 days!

    IMHO, the reason being: "We are ALL different"! ("Different Strokes for Different Folks" Really applies here!!!)
    Your simple method may work for a few, but not for the vast majority here!

    I only hope that your success was not just "Beginners Luck" or you will Cryin' the Blues from now on!

    I guess I shouldn't tell you to enjoy your Journey here . . .
    you might think I am being too Mystical or something???

    Later, Hlaser
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    congrats! way to go.

    as hlaser says, everybody is different. let's hope this works for everybody, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't.

    of course your thread won't be moved or removed. there is no cult operating here. just everybody doing their best to figure the whole thing out.

    indeed, if you want to ensure your thread a place in posterity, cross-post it to the sticky thread "my first super-o and how i got there."

    to do so, hit the Edit button on top of your post, copy your text and paste it into a new reply to that thread.

  • the scary freaked out feeling i've experienced several times...the how to i've tried to explain in several posts...changing up contractions works for me...start slow...then amp it up by doing rapid-fire...relax a hold as u stated...push out in hold...pull back in in fast mode..hold...just varying it up works...lets u fell what feels right...the scary part for me was when just after my first few sessions with my progasm was when my thighs started trembling like i had no control over it...ok..i'm gonna ride this through..then it moves into your hips....waist down through ur thighs is bucking and twitching...thats not normal but u like it...i suggest against advice here to fondle ur cock just enough to get it hard then leave it alone..look down and watch as u do contractions how ur dick stands straight up and leaks precum..nice bobs around..contraction..straight up and hard again...this pretty much pushes me over the edge though..most times i grab it n start stroking..but other times i ride through this and my cock subsides and keep varying my contractions to get the cold chill type body waves going again as well as the body've just got to let ur mind not focus on anything other than what ur feeling...