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Ejaculation Abstinence and the Super O
  • alecalec
    Posts: 1
    As a new user I would like an experienced user thoughts. If one obstains from ejaculation over several weeks, consequently building a surplus of prostate fluid, will this increase sensitivity of the prostate and thus increase the likelyhood of a super O?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi alec,

    I am not sure if I qualify as an experienced user in your terms, but I think the simple answer to you question is yes. One of the key elements to obtaining a Super-O is a high degree of sexual arousal. Any techniques that help you amplify your arousal levels will prove beneficial in your journey toward the Super-O. The subject of abstinence as a tool has been frequently discussed on this Forum. There seems to be a consensus of opinion that short periods of abstinence does increase one’s level of arousal. The optimal time period between ejaculations varies between individuals, you’ll just have to find your own timing cycle. You should understand that there is a point of diminishing returns with abstinence and that you don’t want to create a case of self-inflicted “blue balls”. This journey toward the Super-O is going to be full of interesting points of self learning, enjoy the ride.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Alec!

    Rumel is correct, as usual on this one!

    I just want to add that, in my personal experience, I never go over a week or so! After a week or so, I just gotta clean the
    pipes out! (My own point of diminishing return, I guess???)

    For some reason, I find that my best personal success is usually:

    - Go for about a week with no sexual activity and try to feel for a certain level of sensitivity
    and excitement!

    - Have an Aneros session or two, which are great!

    - By then I am really ready to ejaculate from the build-up and I do so and thoroughly enjoy it!

    - But 2 days later, I usually have an Aneros session that really rocks!!!

    - Weird, I know . . . but that seems to be my personal cycle???

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser