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Question about starting Zaneblue's diet, and using brainsync
  • Okay, i am already having wonderful pleasure beyond anything i have known, but i still feel that i can go that one step further. I have recently ordered the fish oil but im not sure how much to take/start with.
    I am currently 14.7 stone and i am losing weight. Does taking the fish oil cause you to put on weight?
    How many capsules do i take and how many times a day?I know there is a topic about this, but this diet seems to vary enough from the individual to warrant another topic

    I have found that using brainsync's "Ectasy", my pleasure have gone through the roof (and i havent even started Zaneblue's diet yet, i so cant wait). I was already having good sessions, but now i use brainsync almost everytime, and it just gets better and better.

    When i use brainsync, i imagine that the whole music is going through my body. its differnt vibrations and frequencies. I can feel the Progasm ******* me, big time a lot more offten now. When the second track is nearing the 3/4 mark, the lady singing (or whatever) starts. This usualy sends me over the edge in such a wonderful way.

    So to those who are not getting results from Brainsync. Just try to let the music become a part of you. It really relaxes you in a pleasureable way.

    Any help is appreciated, and i hope i have helped.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Oh all right, as long as you promise if you get good results to buy my book! :lol: It's only eleven dollars on amazon.

    The Orgasmic Diet

    Here's my blurb on it, you can calculate the dose for your particular weight.

    The fish oil goes by weight. For a 150-pound man I recommend 1600 mg of EPA and 1300 mg of DHA per day. 250 pounds double the amounts of both, adjust amounts in between for weight. Always take a good multivitamin when taking fish oil. Take with food, start off with one capsule a day, slowly increase a capsule a week until the full dose. Check with your doctor for drug interactions. Use ultra-refined fish oil, EPA+DHA >500 mg in one one-gram capsule. Do not take fish oil like this if you have a defibrillator, are on blood-thinning medication like Coumadin, take lots of OTC pain relievers, are allergic to seafood, are scheduled for surgery.

    Along with the fish oil and multi I recommend men take the RDA of calcium/magnesium/zinc (which usually results in extra zinc because there's zinc in a good multi). Extra Vitamin C, I usually drink a glass of orange juice a day.

    The food part is do not eat any transfats, avoid all polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil etc. Canola oil is fine, so are monounsaturated fats like olive oil. Saturated fats like butter and cheese and fat from meat are good. Low on starches and sugars, carbs should mostly be fruits and vegetables. Meat and fish--protein at every meal. The goal is the 40-30-30 balance of carbs, protein, fats on many low-carb diets.

    No tofu allowed on the diet, or soymilk or anything soy. Soy kills the effect of the diet. No caffeine, not even green tea. It just makes the ability go away temporarily so no big deal. And of course no smoking.

    The food part of the diet isn't as important as the rest. And that's about it, and after writing a book on it I am heartily sick of typing it out!
  • "No tofu allowed on the diet, or soymilk or anything soy. Soy kills the effect of the diet. No caffeine, not even green tea. It just makes the ability go away temporarily so no big deal. And of course no smoking. "

    I have a soy product at least twice a week, this is worrying now as i really dont want to go back to frequent meat consumption (i will baloon up big time). I was borderline 16stone before new year.
    Caffie, i can cut down on. alchohol, i only drink once a week. I drink chamomile tea on occasions as i get anxious from time to time (ive read fish oil can cure this somewhat.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Soy hurts your available testosterone. Your choice. Lean meat isn't all that much more caloric, ounce for ounce than tofu.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Heehee, i think ive noticed a slight differnce with one capsule, two times a day. Next week i think il try two capsules two times a day. This is great! Just now i was watching a porn video and i thought i was going to ejaculate hands free. (totaly out of the blue).

    Edit: If you have an essential oil vapouriser, i absolutely recommend Ylang Ylang essential oil as a relaxant that also happens to make you aroused.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    OMFG!!i just got that "tantric sexuality" thingy and all i can say is BEST SESSION EVER!!I listened concentrated on the beats in the music, and slowly i was realaxing into what i can describe was an altered state of conscoiusness. What start off as slowly relaxing into a super-o, i then found my essense twisting in varios ways. Whats more, was the more i relaxed into the music the better and more warped it felt. I feel i can do it all over again now.

    TO anyone who dosent have this CD, get it now!!Pleasure beyond pleasure.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hey Guys,

    For those of you who are on or considering ‘zaneblue’s orgasmic diet and are aware of her objection to soy products, her argument got some more validation from this article I just read, Soy Linked to Low Sperm Count
    see - .
    So eat healthy and keep up the production of those little swimmers. :)
  • Hello Zane,

    I've been thinking about you recently because I discovered the ultimate dark chocolate - the "Excellence" line by Lindt. The "Intense Dark" is 70% cocoa and a little sweet, and the "Extra Dark" is 85% cocoa and only slightly sweet, just enough not to be too bitter. The Dark Chili is also wonderful! This is very serious chocolate for orgasmic dieters.

    Also I'm taking three Omega-Rx every day, and now I'm converted to the Peristal there seems to be no limit to my increase in orgasmic intensity and duration :D

    God bless you Zane for your wonderful orgasmic advice,

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yep, I believe in the diet too. I was basically already taking a lot of it before I heard or her book - plus I try to often eat like 'The Zone' which is very similar to her diet as well - and I already had quite a bit of orgasmic ability. But I truly believe I have noticed a definite increase in orgasms and their intensity since taking the fish oil, dark chocolate, etc. I also like to take Ginko Biloba. I believe she is against that for the women, but it seems I've noticed a difference and improvement when I take it. Ginko increases blood flow to the brain and improves respiratory response - both important things in orgasm. It works for me.

    BTW Marrena I have bought your hard back book and am about 1/2 way through. When I am done I will give it to my wife. :lol:

    Rock on sweet Zane! Here's to many happy orgasms!! :D
  • Hi All,
    I'm also a true believer in Marrena's diet. Every guy really should buy her book... it is not expensive, and it has a great deal of knowledge for guys to understand, and use.

    There has been a great deal of information about the use of soy products and men, and I'am glad I don't use any. Soy is not a way to diet for men.

    Each person really should eat a well balanced diet, with very little carbs, Marrena's info is right on!

    I personally use The Zone Labs fish oil, Omega-RX, it is not the cheapest out there but I believe one of the best for purity, and it works great for me and my sexual activity. :D
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Wow that's a ton of fish oil. The fish oil I use is Nature Made with a serving size of 2 capsules twice a day or a total of 4 capsules. It has 432 MG EPA and 288 MG of DHA for 2 capsules. So if I'm reading this thread correctly and my math is right, I need to double the amount of fish oil I'm taking to get to about the amount that zaneblue recommends. So take 8 capsules a day. I actually only take one capsule a day right now so I need to times times that by 8. Which would end up being 1728 mg of EPA and 1152 MG of DHA if I took 8 capsules a day. Wow that's alot!!