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helix with no tail
  • i finally decided after much thought to cut the handle off my helix...cut it right where it connects to the flared part off the main body...trimmed with a boxcutter and got it all smooth..leaving just the p-tab...reason for doing it was so that i can sit in my desk chair or anywhere else and enjoy it with that curled tail off..
    one thing i noticed on my first session with it modified different feeling but that it wants to pivot a lil...meaning it will turn a lil when starting out..mainly to my left side...reach and feel and the round head of the p-tab would be an inch away from where it should be..guessing the tail-handle was keeping it in place when doing contractions..but...on the good side...i seemed to be able to manipulate it better...feeling down there again..usually maybe a half-inch of the lower part of it was normally out...but i noticed it was sucked up in to the flared base the p-tab extrudes from..
    moving on..the session seemed to be a lil better than normal and was leaking a lot more pre-cum than kept building and was getting severe thigh skaking that led to my whole pelvic region just quaking...noticed when i did a hard contraction and legs stopped trembling instantly..let off and release..started back quaking even more...
    this was kinda freaking me out...yes have had tremors before on my one super-o but these we're way waves but my whole upper torso began to tremble like my thighs..was thinking i gotta end this..panting and moaning trying my best to stay focused....started stroking and in less than a minute while doing hard contractions my dick erupted..way more cumm than normal...but what was strange was that after i composed and removed the helix..then the waves hit...without it in me...just leaned against the dresser and wave after wave flowed through me like the cold chill feelings ya know....maybe modding was a good thing..i know i'm gonna like being able to sit with it in...oh lawd...good times to come...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey EZ!

    I did the same Mod to my MGX and Helix about 5 months ago and like them a little better because of the agle of contact with the prostate
    and they seem to move a little different too!

    I know what you mean about it being sucked in; it is only kept from going in by the P-tab!

    I agree with you, it IS a good thing!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • normally doesn't get in that far..but during my first modified session the helix just caused me to shake...starting in my thighs then into my wtf is going on?...

    laying there trembling unctrollably...i kinda freaked..