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Question about positioning - Helix
  • I've had my Helix for a week and had three sessions so far. During the last one of these sessions, I found that if I pull the handle up (meaning against my body but up toward my back) it seems I get much better prostate contact. In fact, with that technique, I had three non-ejaculatory orgasms which were most enjoyable!

    Is it common to need to pull the handle upward in this way to get good contact? Do I need a different model? Do I need to modify the handle? Do I need to try positioning differently? Do I need to try different postures? Thanks for your suggestions!

    BTW, two of my sessions (including the one I described above) have been with my wife. These sessions have been really good. She masturbates while I get started, and when she's finished, she starts massaging my legs and scrotum. After the three non-ejaculatory orgasms, I kept my helix in place and experienced an over-the-top ejaculatory orgasm inside her then very ready vagina.

    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions! Really enjoying my new toy.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    Hi zipzap,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I would like to CAUTION you about the possibility of doing yourself DAMAGE or INJURY utilizing the method you described to leverage your massager for increased sensations.
    A number of years ago when I was first learning about anal play, prior to my knowledge about the Aneros device, I inadvertently injured my prostate employing what can best be described as a vigorous self massage using a G-spot wand massager, I had blood in my semen for a short period and I was sore for more than a week until I healed. I have since learned to be more respectful of my body and its limitations. I would like to spare you from experiencing a similar pain.

    The Aneros is designed to be manipulated utilizing the body's musculature ONLY! Applying or employing other forces to increase pressure/stimulation is DANGEROUS! Please heed this warning to prevent yourself from injury.
  • BubbaBubba
    Posts: 7
    You can acheive the same effect handsfree by doing the following.

    Lie on your back.
    Put a very small pillow ( about 2" high and 4" across) under your back right about where your belt would sit.
    Do klegels ( push it in and out) while arching your head and shoulsedrs into the bed.
    Rock your butt onto the aneros - especially when the aneros is in almost expelled position.
    If you want to speed up the time until the multi and continual orgasms hit, grab your cock and give it a slow steady rubdown.
    Make sure you let go of your cock before the orgasms hit, or the fun will be over.

    I can enter the multi-O stage in about five minutes with this technique and stay there as long as I have time.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785

    First, let me say that you are a fortunate man, to have a significant other that joins-in on your sessions and is uninhibited enough to masturbate openly and take charge of her own pleasure like that!

    Next, I have to say that I reach back and adjust my Aneros to whatever position feels like it is making the best contact with my prostate!

    Also, I would use the Helix "as-is" for a while before changing anything, but later on you may want to try the bobbing the tail or handle Mod??? (I took the handle off my Mgx and Helix and they seem to hit at a little different angle and move a little differently . . .)

    The Helix is a good model and should work well for you! (you can always do Mods and increase you Stable of Aneros Models later)

    Later, Hlaser99