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physical or mental thing?
  • I have been using the MGX and Helix for over a year now. There were times when I thought that something rea'tlly great was about to happen and even though for various reasons it didn't, I wasn't disappointed because I KNEW that it would just be a matter of time until it did. During the past year I have had to undergo 2 prostate biopies (total of 32 needles, not a fun time!). Since then, those "out of nowhere" surges of great building feelings have not happened for me. Yes, my session are still very pleasurable, lots of anal and recal twitchings, precum all over, and muscle twitches. However, the great "out of nowhere" surges I used to experience have not happened since the biopsies.

    Is this a physical problem? Have the needles ruined the nerves there or is this a "head thing"?

    Does anyone out there have any experience with this? Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    You and I joined the Forum in the same month, though it appears you have spent more time with the Aneros than I.

    I had a prostate biopsy performed back in June, I waited many weeks for the healing and blood to clear out of my semen before attempting to resume Aneros use. When I did resume usage, I noticed a distinct decrease in sensitivity as opposed to the ‘before’ condition, so to your question – “Is this a physical problem?” I believe the answer is yes. However, things did gradually improve to a more normal state prior to my prostate cancer radiation treatments, so to your question – “Have the needles ruined the nerves there or is this a "head thing"?” I believe the answers are No to the first part and Yes to the second part. Obviously your prostate has suffered trauma from the biopsy and needs time to heal, just how long to fully recover is probably highly variable among individuals, in my case I would estimate 4-5 months to get back to what I felt were more normal responses. The whole Aneros experience is very much a “head thing”, I believe one’s attitude will greatly effect the success rate of Aneros usage. What you believe to be true, becomes true for you.

    I am only now beginning to re-insert Aneros usage into my life. While I have not gotten the initial levels of pleasure I was hoping for, I am getting pleasurable feelings again. I believe as I heal and learn the pleasurable feelings will correspondingly grow as well.