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Move aside progasm (for now), I've rediscovered an old model
  • So, a few weeks ago I was kind of put out by my lack of good experiences, and I really wanted to try something new. So, I got out my old MGX model and finally decided to cut off the handle. I used an old pair of wire cutters to do the trick. (a good heavy pair of scissors would probably work as well). One of my fears was there being a sharp peice of plastic where I cut it, and sure enough there was. I used a really sharp razor blade to smooth it off, being VERY careful not to lacerate myself. (even being careful, it slipped a few times and I had a few *almosts* so I can't stress how careful one must be while doing this).

    Words can't describe how great my experience was with it that night. It was as if cutting off that handle really made it work 10x better. And it just kept hitting all the right places. I had 3 successive nights in a row that were just beyond. What was amazing was that the position I was in didn't matter as much -- With the progasm I have been confined to laying really still on my back, with my legs spread apart. With this new handleless model I even had my first aneros orgasm while sitting in a chair! It was an amazing thrill to feel that going over the top orgasm feeling, and to be not even laying down at all.

    The thing about this new handlesless MGX, is it works a lot more quickly and directly than the progasm, and it isn't as big, so I don't feel as trapped in one place. The progasm still has it's place, however as it has lead me into some of the most unbelievable nonstop orgasms of my life. I think if I have a lot of time to dedicate and I'm really in the mood, I may still go for the progasm.

    It's strange to me, because after those three nights of intense experience, the 4th night I wasn't really in the mood, and I barely felt anything at all. Something strange was up, and I was almost completely inorgasmic that night moreso than ever, because when I even finished off at the end with masturbation, I didn't really feel any pleasure at all. I recovered after taking several day break from use, and I have since had more great experiences with this model.

    My body makes no sense to me. Sometimes it is very responsive and I have out of this world responses, then are nights where I sense all the physical signs of orgasm, only I get no real pleasure. It's like there is some unknown variable in this equation that dictates how successful everything will work. I am thinking brain chemistry probably plays a major role in this, and I am continuing to take fish oil, and trying to stay healthy.

    What I am trying to learn to do right now is to judge how successful I think I will be. I have noticed on those nights that don't work, I wasn't really in the mood to begin with. And, I think that if I can learn to tell ahead of time how responsive I'll be, then hopefully I will only go for it on the nights that will really work out well.

    Now all I need to do is take the handle off of my helix. I also really want to order a eupho sometime as well.
  • GeistGeist
    Posts: 41
    I'm still reluctant to cut off the handles on my models... but it sure is tempting. Funny, though, last night I had my best session yet with the Progasm. Not super-o, but a fairly lengthy and strong mini-o, along with some completely new sensations which were very remarkable.

    I'm consistently amazed by the bodies reaction to these devices, and last night I experienced a feeling of disconnection that was almost as if the Aneros and the prostate were a separate entity involved in a struggle of some sort -- pushing, pulling, gripping, wrestling -- somewhat like a hungry dog with a big juicy bone (that must sound quite daft). It was actually kind of frightening at one point!

    Erm, anyway, I have to echo your thoughts about the unpredictable nature of 'successful' sessions. I experienced my first super-o during a session I expected to be a complete dud due to a headache and lack of being turned. The times I did think I would have a good session have generally been the most uneventful.

    Quite the mysteries, but fascinating all the same!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey BF!

    I took tales off a Helix and MGX and find them hitting at a slightly different angle and maneuvering a little different (I like them!)

    Ah! The sweet, elusive butterfly! Makes it more interesting, sometimes . . .

    Hey, Geist

    <"almost as if the Aneros and the prostate were a separate entity involved in a struggle of some sort -- pushing, pulling, gripping, wrestling -- somewhat like a hungry dog with a big juicy bone">

    I think I prefer to just look at this phenomenon as "My Aneros and My Prostate are making passionate love and it's sweet to be part of it all . . .

    Later, Guys!

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey Binaryfellow, I'd say the reason some days are big and others aren't is because you eventually burn your body out on orgasms. This happens to me. If you have really long sessions, or big sessions on consecutive days your body just gets trashed a bit. There seems to be a lot of muscle activity with all the spasms and I think they get fatigued. Also the brain, spinal cord, and nerves can only fire so much before they are overloaded. I've found that I do best when well rested and possibly waiting for at least a few days between sessions. Try and take a bunch of stuff to help your body recover. I had a big session today with a constant body wrenching orgasm for 1 hour and am a bit wiped out. To help recover I took vit C, 800mg EPA with DHA (fish oil), magnesium, zinc, calcium, vit E, Ginko Biloba, Panax Ginseng. I also had a protein shake with strawberries, and some protein and carbs. I had a couple of cans of V8 as a Virgin Mary. It's amazing how well those Virgin Mary's can help you recover from too many orgasms or a hang over. Lots of good stuff in those. Get some good sleep too. I'm hoping to recover well for a big session tomorrow. Gosh seems I never get anything done anymore as when I have time I orgasm rather than do something productive. Oh well. LOL :D
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    I hear ya, OH!

    I am now retired and DO have time for all my activities and hobbies, but if I wasn't, I couldn't possibly do it all!

    Sometimes I have to just take a day or two off for things like bookkeeping or an occasional project I might have.

    What a great life, eh???

    "So Many Orgasms and So Little Time!" LOL!

    Later, Hlaser
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Many thanks binaryfellow for your wonderful post re the MGX, you finally prompted me to add it to my 'Arsenal'. I already have the Helix (my first), Progasm and Eupho, and love them all although the Helix is getting neglected lately.

    Ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday. (Thankyou for the prompt service!)

    All I can say is 'WOW!' The MGX seems to reach parts on me that none of the other 3 do, or maybe it was the novelty value, I don't know, we'll see. The P tab seemed to hit slightly higher, ie nearer the scrotum, engage better and stay in place better. The ridges add a certain frisson once the anal trembles and twitches start, accentuating and amplifying sensation and response.

    Anyway, within a couple of minutes of engaging the MGX I was in P wave territory and 5 mins later I was hitting my first Super-O of the session. The MGX just carried on driving away sending me higher and higher. Once I was in Super-O land I was sure that it was more than just novelty value. I was getting much more P-tab sensation and the ridges really worked their magic after my 'ring' was well and truly sensitised. With a slight shift of focus I was easily able to instigate an anal orgasm to blend in with the continuing Super, then do the same with the P tab's contact for an enhanced prostate O to also blend in. Awesome!

    And then I went to work, e-v-e-r s-o g-e-n-t-l-y on my nipples. OH! OH! & OH! again! I was gone for an hour or more. The next thing I knew it was about 6am. I had passed out from the pleasure I think, or just drifted off in orgasmic bliss. It happens sometimes and I wake up with the Aneros still in place and me feeling a bit tender around the P-tab. I never set out to fall asleep with 'it' in, it just happens that way.

    Anyway 6 am, MGX still in place, me needing to pee & poo like I always do when I wake. Quick 'evacuate', rinse and back to bed with a coffee and a little joint to take advantage of the quiet and further explore the wonders of the MGX. What can I say? The MGX just seemed to know what to do to send me overboard. I just lay there and let it get on with it. For 2 1/2 hrs I was in total orgasmic heaven, peaking breathlessly 5 or 6 times and 3 times I was totally convinced I'd 'done a wet one' but, no, just a bit of fluid. I finished off with a manual 'wet one' whilst still Super O-ing and I just seemed to cum & cum. I dozed off for half an hour, still sticky and then got up to shower before 'er indoors awoke. (We sleep in separate rooms in case you are wondering.)

    So binaryfellow, thank you again for your endorsement of the MGX. With its help I have been somewhere else. Maybe it has awaked something which will enhance my Eupho, Progasm and Helix pleasures, who knows. Time will tell. I had planned to have a 2nd 'night off' tonight (I always have at least one nights break after a 'wet one') as I have to work tomorrow but I may not be able to resist the Siren call of my new found temptress!

    Re handle removal, your razorblade idea sounds unnecessarily dangerous. With my Helix and Eupho I too used a pair of wire cutters and a nail file to finish. Much safer!

    Have fun...

    Old Wolf
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Wow Old Wolf!

    That sounds like the session of the Century! (CONGRATULATIONS DUDE!)

    A couple of years ago I got the Mgx, as I too had skipped over it and went on!

    The P-Tab is maybe the most aggressive model there is . . .

    It's one of my favs!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    The Mgx is excellent. My experiences with the Mgx are much the same as you described. It is a wonderful and aggressive model. Nood
  • gourdygourdy
    Posts: 20
    I had the sgx first - not bad, but felt like it didnt hit the spots..too small. next was the helix which i like, and then the progasm, cause i wanted to try a bigger model to see what the hype was about. it too is good, but after a time i felt like it was a bull in a china shop. then i thought "hey why not try the mgx..its a little longer and would hit my p-spot better". Ive been able to achieve super-o's with all the models I have, but the best ive had by far are with the old MGX. GOOD GRIEF! and over and over and over....It's enough orgasm for an entire week. Im not exactly sure what it is in the design, but the MGX is almost always my first choice now!
  • mogmog
    Posts: 169
    I have all the models except the Pro and I find that I can have great supers and lots of fun with any of them. But although my kit includes the MGX I've tended to ignore it in favour of the most recent models.

    But the other day I tried out the MGX, just for old times sake really, - OMG- I was up in the stratosphere several times and higher than ever before. There's no doubt that there's some magic in that particular shape! The MGX is currently my first choice.

    BTW - why the ongoing debate about whether to remove the handles? I routinely remove them from new - they just get in the way and restrict operations! What are they for anyway?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks for these stories on the MGX. So far it is my only model and I've thought I must be missing a lot of other possibilities with the others...

    Old Wolf, this certainly gives a great answer to my question to you in your recent post with the links! Were any parts of the session above Calm Seas Os or were they all muscularly active?

    I've had a pattern form (one among several) using the MGX of it moving very subtly and my prostate reaching for it and twitching in a delicious slow ecstasy...

    It is as if the prostate is reaching out and polishing the knob or tip of the MGX.

    I've found that that "prostate dance" can start spontaneously or that I can call on it anytime at will without the MGX in. Neuromuscular memory loves this and I get Echo Effect energetic orgasms and Calm Seas Orgasms beautifully, often on "days off". I hope to add the Eupho and Helix soon, but I am less concerned about missing anything after this tread guys! Thanks again to all!