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Quick question!!!
  • Hey all!! Hope I'm not asking a question thats been asked many times. Am I ruining my chances of super-o by manually finishing myself at the end of every session. I come close to hands free quite often. Feels great and love the sensations. However, I never quite get there. So after about an hour and a half or so, I take matters into my own hands. (pun intended) Should I refrain from doing this. I often thought that maybe my prostate gets engorged during aneros play, and will be more sensitive the next day. But I was never sure, so I just finish myself. If anyone has any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thx all!!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I believe the answer to your question “Am I ruining my chances of super-o by manually finishing myself at the end of every session?” is yes and no. “Should I refrain from doing this?” in my opinion yes and no. Let me explain as I understand things.

    To get to the Super-O requires a high level of sexual arousal while simultaneously being mentally focused on enhancing the sensations that will enable you to ‘cross-over’ into the Super-O. You have described a situation that many of us also deal with.
    When you terminate a session with an ejaculatory orgasm you’ve allowed a release for the arousal you developed, thus dissipating the pent up energy. With that arousal energy gone it will take more time to reinstate it back to the same level, so in that respect, YES, you have ruined the opportunity for a Super-O in that session, but NO you have not necessarily ruined it for a future session.
    The main focus of use of the Aneros as discussed on this Forum is for pleasurable purposes, you may choose to use your device any way that pleases you and no one can fault you for that. This is about fun and pleasure after all, not trying to build frustration about obtaining an elusive Super-O. That being said, we humans are creatures habit, and once we form a habit it can be difficult to change that behavior pattern.

    If you persist in finishing a session with an ejaculatory orgasm, you may be habituating yourself to only have such sessions and thus preclude yourself from ever getting to the Super-O level. If you really want to get to the Super-O level with your Aneros, I would suggest that you not establish the pattern you’ve described. I think if you allow that sexual tension built up from one session to cycle through your body without release, then the subsequent sessions will very likely be more intense and more likely allow you to ‘cross over’. Additionally, I think establishing in your mind a separation between Aneros use and ejaculatory orgasms will help get you to the Super-O more readily, with fewer distractions.

    This should not be interpreted to mean I’m advocating prolonged abstinence, as the frustration of ‘blue balls’ could also prevent you from being relaxed enough to allow the subtle sensations that build to the Super-O to go unnoticed. You are the only one who can determine where the balance point is in the whole process.

    So those are my thoughts and I’m sure others will have differing opinions, you just have to analyze them for yourself to see how they may apply to you.
  • I thank you. Sounds like logical advice. Kind of what I was thinking. Hasn't work with manual finish, so lets try something new. Maybe this will get me to where I want to go. Thanks again.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi casey030713!

    Very well said Rumel . . . as usual!

    I prefer to keep my pent up lust for my Aneros sessions, but once or twice a week I have a separate session just for traditional masturbation to release the build-up.

    That's my take on it . . .

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    It is better to not ejaculate as you'll have more energy for your next Aneros session; however if you are happy with your progress and satisfied at the time, and don't feel like a session the next day then go ahead and manually ejaculate. You'll feel relieved, and satisfied.

    But yeah you are spoiling your chances a bit. You'll have to be patient and ride along for super O's. You may need to dedicate a bit more time sometime when it is convenient. Take it at your own pace and always enjoy yourself.