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Will Aneros work for prostate cancer survivors?
  • There are hundreds of thousands of men all over the country who are prostate cancer survivors, myself included. Their prostate glands are badly damaged or have been surgically removed by various procedures. For the most part erections and ejaculations are long lost memories. I'm trying to find out from you guys if you think there is a chance the Aneros can or will be able to stimulate the remaining nerves in the perineum, scrotum, penis shaft and head to the point so these men can experience some significant arousal as described in the forum. I hope you will help me evaluate the potential.

    I'm Jack Cochrane from Michigan. I'm 81 years old and a 13+ year prostate cancer survivor. I had successful cryo ablation surgery and my psa remains <0.1. I am totally continent and have no erections. I thoroughly enjoy the female form and still enjoy masturbation about once a week but they are now all dry orgasms as I rub my oiled dick as it lays flat on the inside of my thigh in the groin area. <br />
    It may take the best part of a week of off and on stroking while viewing erotic stuff on a web site before that mental part of my brain tells the appropriate nerves "it is time to flip the switch and let this horny old man get that good feeling and blow his dry load!" There is no mess now and I surely do enjoy that good feeling. I have told many men that I find the orgasm more intense now than I did when I was a much younger man. It is so intense that I almost cry when it hits me and, of course, it is all over in about 10 seconds. I have a hunch I am already participating to some degree to the nebulous theory behind the Aneros concept of dry orgasms. If possible, I'd like to experience what so many of the men write about in their forum comments.

    I have become very pro-active over these past 13 years by speaking out about prostate cancer, treatment methods, testing procedures, diets, etc. One thing I have learned is that an overriding concern of ALL men who face the various prostate cancer treatments is their erroneous belief they will no longer be able to experience orgasms. I'm living proof they are wrong but it is a hard sell. I say shame on all the doctors for not explaining this part of a man's life.

    There are three general surgical or radiation based procedures.
    1. The radical prostatectomy that also includes, as a subset, the so-called erection nerve sparing procedure.
    2. A series of various "radiation" based procedures.
    3. Cryo ablation surgery.

    On a worldwide basis, ALL of these procedures are only about 50% effective when it comes to retaining and erection adequate for insertion during intercourse or conventional masturbation. If you can't get it up then you can't create the necessary friction to make you cum by conventional methods. Viagra, Cialis, etc. are not the answer and they are expensive.

    As I understand it, the concept of the Aneros device is that it massages or rubs against the prostate caused by very small in and out movements of the device created by intentional contractions of the anal sphincter.

    This presumes that the prostate gland and the associated seminal vesicles are still healthy, functioning pieces of flesh producing seminal fluids. It also presumes the very fine web of nerves on the outside surface of the prostate gland surface are still healthy and functioning to produce erections.

    1. If you have a radical prostatectomy, the prostate gland is removed. If the surgeon tries the nerve sparring technique, they attempt to leave that web of nerves in tact. Nonetheless, THE GLAND IS REMOVED. There is a hollow cavity down there in your groin area. There is no gland to rub against!

    2. If you have any of the various radiation procedures, it is the purpose of the radiation to kill the cancer. While great care is taken to keep the radiation rays from killing live flesh that doesn't harbor PC cells, it makes a pretty deadly mess of flesh in the groin. EFFECTIVELY, THE GLAND IS PRETTY MUCH DEAD MEAT. I don't believe the Aneros will do much in the massage process to be helpful.

    3. If you have cryo ablation as I did, all of the prostate gland including about ¼" of attached flesh all around the gland is frozen. This kills the PC cells and the associated flesh plus the erection nerves. (The urinary urethra, which passes through the center of the gland, continues to live and function carrying urine because it was kept alive by using a warming catheter.) NET EFFECT, THE GLAND AND SEMINAL VESICLES plus the erection nerves on the surface ARE ALL DEAD MEAT. With no nerves and dead meat that looks like a piece of Swiss cheese - I don't think Aneros will do much massaging!

    I don't believe Aneros will do much toward the goal of spontaneous contractions and orgasms because of its interaction with the prostate gland (either removed or still physically present but actually dead meat).

    As I read the many testimonials about the body-wide, rolling orgasms encompassing the penis shaft and head with its glans and meatus, the anal sphincter, the cheeks of your butt, the scrotum, the ridge of flesh between the scrotum and anal sphincter (called the "Bridge of Sighs") and various other body parts, it seems reasonable to me to presume there must be some sort of additional intermingled, simultaneous stimulation processes going on down in your groin/anus area because of the movement of the Aneros. Do you think it is likely men who are prostate cancer survivors are likely to benefit from that type of stimulation by Aneros of these additional body areas (other than the prostate) mentioned above?

    Yes? No? Perhaps less intense sensation? Who knows what those nerve wiring diagrams looks like!

    If your collective opinions are positive, I know we could make it possible for LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PROSTATE CANCER SURVIVOS to regain a brand new look at life and its pleasurable sensations as they knew them back in their recent past.

    Talk to me!

    Jack Cochrane
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Jack Cochrane,

    "Do you think it is likely men who are prostate cancer survivors are likely to benefit from that type of stimulation by Aneros of these additional body areas (other than the prostate) mentioned above?"

    I believe the answer is YES! Here’s a little background and why I believe so.

    I have just recently completed (ended 1/30/2008) a radiation treatment regime for prostate cancer, so I don’t yet know what my long term outcome is or will be. I am hopeful that the cancer has been eradicated but that remains to be determined.

    I started my journey with the Aneros a little over 9 months ago, prior to my knowledge about the presence of my cancer. After I found out about it, I researched about the various treatment options available to me and opted for the radiation for two reasons. First, it is the least invasive procedure and there is no likelihood for surgical complications, no accidental cutting of nerves or unnecessary removal of tissue. Second, the success rate of effective treatment is only slightly less than a radical prostatectomy, thus preserving to the greatest extent possible the vital nerves needed for any form of sexual response.

    While I did research and considered my options, I continued using my Aneros massagers, enjoying much pleasure and learning about my body’s responses while toning my pelvic floor muscles. I knew that any of the treatment options could lead to urinary incontinence, either temporary or permanent but having better control of my PC muscles would help mitigate those effects. So far, I believe that has been true as I have only suffered minimal urinary tract effects so far from the radiation. I am a firm believer in the ability of the body to heal itself if one gives it the proper healthy tools to accomplish the task. The ability to heal radiation damage was also a factor in my treatment choice, once nerves or tissue have been removed or damaged by surgery, regeneration is minimal (especially at my age).

    I have just begun to start to re-introduce the Aneros usage back into my life after nearly two months of abstinence from its use, due to the treatments. I can favorably report that I did get some pleasant feelings when I used my MGX yesterday for the first time in a while, I am very hopeful to get back to the pleasure levels I experienced prior to my prostate cancer discovery and treatments.

    Incidentally, the muscle toning that occurs due to exercising with the Aneros can be effectively used to generate pleasurable sensations even when not employing the Aneros.
    In that respect alone I think the Aneros massagers can contribute to the well being of a man even if he has had a radical prostatectomy.

    If you’d like you can check out my blog for more information, see -
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    First of all God bless you Jack and best of luck in your quest for yourself and all other men. Prostate cancer is a terrible thing and statistics show that most of us will experience it or some other prostate problem in our lifetimes. I also read one that every man will eventually have it if they live long enough. Anyway, to the questions.

    First of all, let me say I will not address the safety of men with previous prostate cancer using the Aneros. I simply don't know if it is safe.

    As for the pleasure factor and sensations...YES, I think there is still much untapped potential there. Realize that I have travelled far in my quest of orgasms of all types with and without the Aneros. I have learned that the orgasm takes place primarily in the brain. In order to facilitate it you need to first prepare the brain for orgasm. Look around the forum for other posts and threads on this topic such as by Zaneblue author of The Orgasm Diet. Zane, (and I concur) states that a proper diet such as The Zone, combined with the correct levels of fish oil, vit C, magnesium, zinc, and dark chocolate along with plenty of rest and proper exercise will prepare the brain for orgasm. After proper prep in may be difficult to stop it. In addition to what Zane mentions I also add Ginko Biloba, Panax Ginseng, vit E, multivitamin, and calcium. For Fish Oil I typically use GNC's Double Body Fish Oil and take seven caplets daily. Fish oil you'll find will also heal and improve a ton of other ailments you have at your age. Make sure it is very purified, and very concentrated.

    Remember women don't have prostates, but they have lots of other nerve centers. Guys have lots of nerve centers and pressure points too. I have orgasms just mentally by contracting anal and pelvic floor muscles. The Aneros helped to teach me where those are. Also the pressure spots at the periniem and the one that the Progasm hits on the other side of the Anus opening are very intense zone of pleasure. Keep in mind that you or anyone has to go through a period of awakening the nerves and sensitizing them to touch and pleasure. The brain has to make sense of all that. It can take a while, but not that long, and usually there are pleasurable feelings as you increase your sensitivity and awareness.

    No doubt you are losing some sensation and usefulness without the prostate, but there are other parts that can definitely take it's place. The prostate is within and I believe it is below the other nerve centers between your spinal cord and brain so to me that means that the connections above it are viable.

    The best way to find out is to get an Aneros and start giving it a shot. Take your time, and don't get frustrated. With no prostate it may take a bit longer, or more effort time wise to sensitize yourself and become acustomed to new orgasms. If you can still ocassionally dry orgasm, then I'd say you are still functional nerve wise. Truthfully these orgasms are way better than normal sex for me, but I do love a womans body and am turned on by them. The Aneros won't ever replace a woman for those of us oriented that way, but it certainly gives us a more intense pleasure ride while waiting for the next woman to come along.

    Good luck and let me know if you need further info.