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Continuing Success
  • After my sixth session I am making progress. . . learning from each session. My sixth session was mind blowing. I started by watching some porn on a dvd. Watched some stuff that was really hot . . . it good me totally worked up. Did my noral prep . . .enema, shower etc and put in my helix. Held my thighs together gently while lying on my back no pillow . . . flat on my back watching porn. After ten minutes or so I felt the feeling on my prostate growing. Rolled over onto my right side, thighs still together top leg slightly bent. Shut off the porn. Gently did about ten anal contractions. I did them very gently, paying attention to the feeling without forcing it. Just held the contraction ever so slightly. As I held it and paid attention to the feeling I felt like I was surfing. If I tried too hard I could feel it fade. I discovered the key was relaxing and following the feeling rather than pushing it. Still lying on my right side.

    Then they started. I did about ten contractions, each one inititating a wave of pleasure that lasted for 3-4 minutes. After an hour I took out the helix and put in my mgx with more lube. After two or three minutes with my mgx things went nuts. All I did was lay there and gently squeeze the mgx once and wait . . . the waves of pleasure swept over me each one building to a crescendo. Each crescendo brought me to a height that was mindblowing and then it faded. I had about ten of these, each one successively lasting longer than the previous one. After ten of these I could feel my prostate was totally swollen, my anus felt packed. By now all I had to do was just think about the feeling of my prostate and I would start building another wave. These were incredible as each one peaked I could feel my dick begin to throb. I did about ten of these each one ending in a throbbing crescendo . . just shy of super O I think. After four hours I was exhausted and sweating. . . I had to give up. I must have had twenty or thirty of these waves.

    I believe that my next session will end in the elusive super O. I think its all about relaxing and surfing with the feeling and not forcing it. Get a comfortable position and stay with it.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Oh yeah, sounds good man. You are on the path.

    I've noticed for me there is a process. For awhile it is like I am working the Aneros, and my reactions a bit even though I may be quivering, shaking, and enjoying the sensations. However eventually a point is reached where I just am along for the ride kind of like a bystander but being the target of awesome waves of pleasurable orgasms. Today I had a continuous orgasm like this with the Helix for about 1 hour. My whole session was probably about 2 1/2 hours. Needless to say I was a bit fatigued and weakened feeling afterward - but it is always worth it.

    Keep it up...there is more and more pleasure to come for you certainly.
  • how do ya'll go that long?...almost 2 hours is my best..jeezz
  • OH!!OH!!
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    [quote=evil-zombie]how do ya'll go that long?...almost 2 hours is my best..jeezz

    I can because serious pleasure is ongoing the whole time. Yeah afterward there are times I move around and feel a bit faint, especially if I reach down to pick up something off the ground, or am doing something a bit strenuous. These longer sessions with lots of orgasms can really wear you out. I'm thinking it may actually be a good physical workout. I know there are electric muscle massagers that can stimulate muscles and help form muscle tone. I'm thinking the Aneros over all body orgasms with constant quivering have to be doing something like that. I'd like to know how many calories I'm burning when I do this. I think you do have to be a bit careful on the long sessions. You have to make sure you breathe well, and don't do if you have a heart condition. Extreme orgasms and the stress of them could be tough on the ticker, but if you are healthy it is probably beneficial. Know your own personal limits and don't injure yourself. Over time I think I have an idea of mine, but sometimes I over do it because I am feeling so good.