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Aneros Chat Event #1 - Transcript
  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks to everyone for attending the Chat Event last night. Here is a transcript of the event, unfortunately we were only able to log the last hour.

    The Aneros Staff

    [03:55:41] [email][/email]: sometime this year
    [03:55:50] [email][/email]: right, understood
    [03:55:59] PerennialQuestr: i wonder if the ball-shaped P-tab is a prograsm trial thing or a considered permanent shift
    [03:56:19] PerennialQuestr: never having used the progasm i wonder if it's more effective against slippage/poor traction
    [03:56:43] PerennialQuestr: conrgatulations Rumel
    [03:57:09] [email][/email]: The Progasm has the ball-shaped tab because it is so aggressive
    [03:57:23] PerennialQuestr: ahhhhh understood
    [03:57:31] [email][/email]: the pressure on perineum needed to be displaced more, compared to the other models
    [03:57:39] Valentine: For the Peridise, will there be a similar learning curve?
    [03:57:45] PerennialQuestr: i am getting better at hitting the sweet spot. usually being aroused beforehand help a LOT
    [03:57:52] rumel: Support - the ball shape would work well on the other models as well.
    [03:57:55] PerennialQuestr: makes sense Support
    [03:59:33] PerennialQuestr: i doubt i could do it JUST right since i lack the instruments and templates to align it perfectly
    [03:59:45] PerennialQuestr: i'd also hate to ruin my Helix and/or Eupho
    [03:59:49] [email][/email]: Similar learning curve, it has the same aggressive angling as the prostate stimulators, but will not fill the rectum
    [03:59:55] [email][/email]: completly
    [04:00:11] [email][/email]: but it employs the same contract/relax cycles
    [04:00:34] PerennialQuestr: yet i imagine an aneros user would have an edge, support? some translation in habits of usage and esp. mindset?
    [04:00:34] [email][/email]: current Anreos users will definitely be able to ramp up quickly
    [04:01:15] PerennialQuestr: so it's not like a completely unrelated device?
    [04:01:20] [email][/email]: Rumel, I agree the ball shaped tab would work well on the other models as well
    [04:01:55] rumel: Support - What is the essential advantage for men over their present models or is there any?
    [04:02:00] PerennialQuestr: i wanna know where's the form i have to fill out to volunteer to test new models? *laughs*
    [04:02:46] [email][/email]: And while some users have expressed that the dime-shaped tab is a bit uncomfortable, we feel that it provides better pressure
    [04:02:54] [email][/email]: on the prostate once you get used to it
    [04:03:22] [email][/email]: PQ, it's not *completely* unrelated but it is different
    [04:03:28] PerennialQuestr: it did hurt at first, i can agree. but now i don't feel it as a discomfort. i more often crave increased contact
    [04:03:59] PerennialQuestr: (referring to my not having hit the sweet spot, not to design)
    [04:05:04] PerennialQuestr: this is really nice news, Support. it's nice to hear you guys are busy working on new models all the time.
    [04:05:58] Valentine: In the current testing of the Peridise, have you found any positive effects, other than orgasms, of course?
    [04:06:12] rumel: PQ - I still have not found my sweet spot after neraly 9 months of usage.
    [04:06:13] [email][/email]: rumel, the Peridise will provide different senstations from the Aneros, it's not a prostate stimulator but will capitalize on
    [04:06:18] Valentine: And will the Peridise be sold as something else on the HIH site?
    [04:06:46] [email][/email]: the peristaltic effect inside the anal canal and subsequent sensations
    [04:07:29] Valentine: whoa, define 'subsequent sensations'!
    [04:07:43] PerennialQuestr: i'm trying to imagine it and coming up short. it really does sound intriguing
    [04:07:48] rumel: Support - What effect does this new device have on erections?
    [04:08:15] Valentine: Dang, these are good questions.
    [04:08:18] [email][/email]: as far as the positive effects - warmth, muscle toning, and of course, orgasms
    [04:08:36] [email][/email]: one tester reported that he had even better orgasms with the Peridise compared to the Aneros
    [04:08:50] Valentine: !!
    [04:09:03] PerennialQuestr: ....that's.... impressive
    [04:09:19] rumel: Support - What are women reporting?
    [04:09:27] [email][/email]: For erections, our products fundamentally are designed to increase blood flow, so it will have a positive effect on erections
    [04:10:44] [email][/email]: the Aneros will still be more effective for promoting stonger erections because it was specifically designed to improve
    [04:10:45] PerennialQuestr: is it a more involved insertion process. Support?
    [04:10:54] Valentine: As far as muscle toning, what muscles will be toned?
    [04:11:01] rumel: Valentine - as a new poster how long have you been using your Aneros?
    [04:11:47] Valentine: I have used it twice, the second time I could tell I was close to an orgasm
    [04:12:09] PerennialQuestr: nice, V. i took half a dozen sessions for my first mini
    [04:12:29] Valentine: Well, I have a good foundation from ksmo
    [04:12:43] PerennialQuestr: ah right, sorry
    [04:12:46] Valentine: Both aneros, ksmo teach relaxation as a basic tenet
    [04:12:50] PerennialQuestr: i honestly DO need to check that out
    [04:13:05] [email][/email]: the insertion process will be easier as it is a smaller device
    [04:13:16] PerennialQuestr: thanks, Support
    [04:13:20] PerennialQuestr: i thought it might be longer
    [04:13:28] rumel: V. - Even when you don't get O's , it's a sweet ride!
    [04:13:40] [email][/email]: the PC sphincter muscles and anal rectal muscles will be toned
    [04:13:56] PerennialQuestr: very true, Rumel... i've come close to weeping
    [04:13:59] Valentine: yessssssssss, super strong pc muscles!!!!!
    [04:14:08] [email][/email]: ok guys, I am going to step back for a bit here and you guys discuss
    [04:14:11] Valentine: Breaking bricks!
    [04:14:17] PerennialQuestr: thank you Support
    [04:14:23] [email][/email]: and let you guys have a discussion
    [04:14:26] [email][/email]: thank you!
    [04:14:39] Valentine: Yeah, thanks support!!
    [04:14:41] PerennialQuestr: you guys rock!
    [04:15:09] PerennialQuestr: i think relaxation is one thing i need to focus on a lot more V
    [04:15:09] rumel: I'm a little surprised there aren't more people on line.
    [04:15:23] Valentine: Yeah, me too
    [04:15:30] PerennialQuestr: one thing i notice is sometimes i will kinda clench up during a session. the longer it goes, the tighter i get
    [04:15:48] [email][/email]: is the time of the chat event okay for you guys?
    [04:15:48] PerennialQuestr: my "relaxed" non-contracted state is still pretty tense. and so mobility stops
    [04:16:04] [email][/email]: next time we will post something on the main forum the day of the event
    [04:16:08] Valentine: yeah, that happens to me too still, though I am getting better at just letting it go
    [04:16:34] PerennialQuestr: awesome Support!
    [04:16:36] Valentine: Yes, time was fine!
    [04:16:43] PerennialQuestr: i think it's my breathing V
    [04:16:47] rumel: I've also yet to try the KSMO method, I have been preoccupied by so many other things in life ....
    [04:17:08] PerennialQuestr: is KSMO expensive? i'm interested in augmenting my learning
    [04:17:14] rumel: Support - Chat time is OK by me.
    [04:17:18] Valentine: me too, haven't had a chance to practice in a month!
    [04:17:34] PerennialQuestr: support -- it's okay with me. a tad late but nothing outrageous
    [04:18:18] PerennialQuestr: how long do you guys relax with the aneros inside before you start to contract?
    [04:18:53] Valentine: PQ: nope, but that depends on what you think expensive is. check out the site
    [04:19:17] Valentine: i think the first tape/cd is 70, i'd have to check
    [04:19:23] PerennialQuestr: if it's under 150 USD it's ok V
    [04:19:29] PerennialQuestr: oh that's fine
    [04:19:38] rumel: PQ - I generally start getting involuntaries very soon after insertion at this point in my learning.
    [04:19:54] PerennialQuestr: i haven't gotten there yet Rumel
    [04:20:14] PerennialQuestr: i'm also working on muscle groups
    [04:20:28] PerennialQuestr: before this i had no idea there were so many different ways to contract
    [04:21:17] PerennialQuestr: Rumel -- you're pretty aroused beforehand or you go in dry so-to-speak?
    [04:21:21] rumel: PQ - that's good, it's kinda fun to try to get them trained independently.
    [04:21:43] PerennialQuestr: i'm getting better at isolating PC contraction finally
    [04:21:55] PerennialQuestr: for me, PC contractions tend to associate with penile sensation
    [04:22:11] Valentine: The Peridise should help with that, wooooo, can't wait!!!!
    [04:22:21] PerennialQuestr: HOO!
    [04:22:23] rumel: I try to read some erotica or view some porn before a session to build arousal.
    [04:22:53] PerennialQuestr: i find that being aroused helps a LOT
    [04:23:17] PerennialQuestr: insertion's easier... the whole area is more receptive and relaxed and of course sensitive
    [04:23:23] Valentine: Well, being aroused enlarges the prostate, so that makes sense
    [04:23:43] PerennialQuestr: something interesting i've noticed
    [04:23:50] PerennialQuestr: my arousal center seems to have shifted
    [04:23:54] PerennialQuestr: from penis to prostate
    [04:24:14] PerennialQuestr: i tend to feel being aroused inside rather than through my penis now. it's... nice... more intense
    [04:24:35] rumel: PQ absolutely arousal is key and working the PC's with the anal contractions is sublime.
    [04:25:05] PerennialQuestr: i think so too, Rumel
    [04:25:20] PerennialQuestr: i still think at this point my mind is the final frontier
    [04:25:26] Valentine: I wonder if one could move their center of arousal through out their body after 'awakening' it fully to orgasmic bliss.
    [04:25:30] PerennialQuestr: my attitude, state of being
    [04:25:37] PerennialQuestr: i wonder the same V
    [04:25:38] rumel: PQ - Yes your focus of thought will shift to your prostate.
    [04:25:47] PerennialQuestr: your whole body aflame
    [04:26:11] PerennialQuestr: hi DC26.2
    [04:26:18] DC26.2: Hi
    [04:26:34] rumel: V. I believe that is correct though I haven't developed that ability yet.
    [04:26:35] DC26.2: I logged in to check new posts and realized the chat was going on
    [04:26:52] Valentine: oh man, dc, you gotta read the transcript for this chat
    [04:27:10] PerennialQuestr: seconded, DC... worth checking out
    [04:27:22] rumel: Hello DC
    [04:27:22] rumel: Hello DC
    [04:27:33] DC26.2: I'm glad to hear you will be posting it
    [04:27:45] DC26.2: Can I jump in with a question?
    [04:27:52] PerennialQuestr: sure
    [04:28:09] DC26.2: I just got the Helix this week
    [04:28:19] DC26.2: Tried it out once
    [04:28:45] PerennialQuestr: cool!
    [04:28:55] DC26.2: I'm ashamed to say that I did buy a knock-off MGX at the local adult bookstore a month ago and have tried it several times
    [04:29:19] DC26.2: I did look for an Aneros but the store in my town doesn't carry the brand
    [04:29:35] PerennialQuestr: that sucks
    [04:29:47] DC26.2: anyway, I want to know how much of the Helix should remain external
    [04:30:00] DC26.2: Obviously the P-tab and habdle
    [04:30:02] Valentine: yeah, most sex shops I have visited focus on the women's pleasure, leaving dirty mag's and dvd's for the guys
    [04:30:03] DC26.2: handle
    [04:30:13] DC26.2: exactly V
    [04:30:31] PerennialQuestr: i just lube up, inset until it starts to slide in, and then i let it stop where it wants to
    [04:30:48] PerennialQuestr: generally it sinks to the optimal depth without being forced. i'd recommend against forcing it myself
    [04:30:49] DC26.2: the Helix is very narrow at the "T" and then widens to 3/8" for about an inch
    [04:31:16] Valentine: Yeah, it will go in as far as it need without any help from you
    [04:31:22] PerennialQuestr: there's no sex shop at ALL where i live
    [04:31:36] DC26.2: should it be in all the way to the narrow part or wrap around the first wider section?
    [04:31:54] rumel: DC - The Helix does not go in as deep as the MGX it is designed to rest at the narrow area along the base.
    [04:31:59] Valentine: which of those has the p-tab touching you
    [04:32:23] PerennialQuestr: as long as the P-tab is touching, it's where it was designed to be
    [04:32:51] DC26.2: R - the most narrow section right at the T or the first somewhat wider section?
    [04:33:10] DC26.2: Yes the P-tab is touching
    [04:33:17] PerennialQuestr: i believe the upper section
    [04:33:26] rumel: DC - Not at the VERY base where the handle comes in.
    [04:33:50] PerennialQuestr: in order for it to sink in to the T the P-tab would be BURIED in your perineum and probably very uncomfortable
    [04:34:08] PerennialQuestr: also i don't think it would pivot so well like that
    [04:34:17] DC26.2: I don't feel a lot of movement and wonder if when I contract my anus, it just slides along the wider section
    [04:34:21] rumel: PQ is correct.
    [04:34:32] DC26.2: instead of grabbing ahold of the Helix and pulling it in
    [04:34:39] Valentine: maybe not enough lube
    [04:34:58] DC26.2: V - maybe
    [04:35:10] PerennialQuestr: relaxtion plays a role too, DC. contractions seem to be more resposive when you relax
    [04:35:20] DC26.2: I've been injecting 5 cc's in and then lubing the Helix up
    [04:35:21] PerennialQuestr: otherwise, for me, anyway, the anus tends to clench up and mobility stops
    [04:35:29] PerennialQuestr: sounds about right DC
    [04:35:39] DC26.2: PQ - I suspect that's the problem being a newbie
    [04:35:49] PerennialQuestr: your second session?
    [04:35:54] rumel: DC - You've only started a long unique journey, with much to learn, have fun as you go experimenting.
    [04:40:26] PerennialQuestr: *cribbing B Mayfield
    [04:40:40] rumel: When you say there do you mean your penis or anus?
    [04:40:57] PerennialQuestr: i think he popped out Rumel
    [04:41:58] PerennialQuestr: wb DC
    [04:42:10] DC26.2: Sorry my screen froze
    [04:42:17] DC26.2: I have to reload the chat
    [04:42:27] PerennialQuestr: it's alright
    [04:42:31] DC26.2: I'm not sure what the last line was from me that you got
    [04:42:49] PerennialQuestr: not that you'r 43 not much going on there
    [04:42:49] DC26.2: sorry ... I had to reload ... I'm obviously back on now
    [04:42:54] PerennialQuestr: Rumel asked what did you mean by "there"
    [04:43:05] PerennialQuestr: the penis or anus? perineum?
    [04:43:07] rumel: DC "now that I'm 43 not much going on there"
    [04:43:08] DC26.2: there = perinium
    [04:43:44] DC26.2: it's not sensitive to light touch, etc that I used to enjoy
    [04:43:56] rumel: DC - Aneros usage will moest likely awaken that area for you.
    [04:43:59] PerennialQuestr: ii wouldn't worry about it, DC. i'm sure i will re-awaken
    [04:44:02] PerennialQuestr: *it
    [04:44:03] DC26.2: I read a lot on this forum about finding the sweet spot
    [04:44:09] DC26.2: and lining the P-tab on it
    [04:44:13] PerennialQuestr: yes
    [04:44:15] Valentine: I can tell you that my perineum has become much more responsive
    [04:44:30] Valentine: In fact, I didn't even know it existed
    [04:44:43] PerennialQuestr: V - the sweet spot?
    [04:44:46] DC26.2: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feel with the P-tab
    [04:45:11] Valentine: if sweet spot is the perineum, then yes
    [04:45:16] DC26.2: right now it is just a dull push like poking myself with my finger
    [04:45:26] rumel: DCDon't worry too much about your "sweet spot" I still can't find mine.
    [04:45:45] DC26.2: R- that's good to hear
    [04:45:48] PerennialQuestr: DC - you could try massges every night, gentle circles in that area. get the blood flowing. might help awaken the spot over t
    [04:46:02] PerennialQuestr: *time
    [04:46:03] DC26.2: PQ - good idea
    [04:46:36] PerennialQuestr: Rumel's right too, though... try not to let something frustrate you. it really hinders progress if you keep thinking about
    [04:46:43] PerennialQuestr: what you can and can't do yet
    [04:46:56] PerennialQuestr: you will, in time
    [04:46:58] DC26.2: I had my annual physical with my doctor and asked if he had ever heard of prostrate massagers and the Aneros
    [04:46:59] Valentine: You might also want to try the extended male deer technique; I think it is in the glossary in the forum
    [04:47:19] PerennialQuestr: i second V's recommendation. it's very nice
    [04:47:19] DC26.2: he had heard of the manual technique but not any devices
    [04:47:46] PerennialQuestr: i never had much luck manually, DC. even now, my finger just doesn't know how to do it
    [04:47:46] DC26.2: he was interested so I gave him the link to this web site
    [04:47:55] PerennialQuestr: not to mention --uncomfortable to the extreme
    [04:48:01] PerennialQuestr: awesome DC!
    [04:48:23] PerennialQuestr: i CAN stimiulate it from the abdominal region fairly well, though
    [04:48:37] DC26.2: He did confirm that it probably would help the overall health of the area
    [04:49:33] PerennialQuestr: the health benefits of massage have a long history if i'm not mistaken. i'm sure you know DC the aneros was created for healt
    [04:49:35] DC26.2: I tried the male deer technique once
    [04:49:47] DC26.2: didn't really try it for very long
    [04:49:53] PerennialQuestr: originally
    [04:50:02] PerennialQuestr: it's worth coming back to, DC
    [04:50:09] PerennialQuestr: not to push you of course
    [04:50:14] DC26.2: I'm not sure if I totally understand how it is done
    [04:50:31] Valentine: yeah, there is a wealth of info here, but ya gotta take it slow
    [04:51:06] DC26.2: PQ - yes I told him that it was developed for BPH and other prostate problems and the side effects turned it into a sex toy
    [04:51:23] PerennialQuestr: awesome side effects, i have to say
    [04:51:38] Valentine: I would actually think its the other way around!
    [04:52:39] PerennialQuestr: i'm still tripping out over my nipples
    [04:52:44] rumel: PQ is correct it was originally developed to alleviate symptoms associated with BPH.
    [04:52:47] PerennialQuestr: they never did a thing before
    [04:53:25] PerennialQuestr: progress on that front, btw... my right nipple is waking up as well
    [04:53:27] PerennialQuestr: HOO!
    [04:53:31] DC26.2: I don't have the guts to file my Helix with my insurance company to see if they'll reimburse me for it
    [04:53:38] Valentine: haha, imagine what the rest of your body can do!
    [04:53:52] PerennialQuestr: i know V! it's all very exciting!
    [04:53:58] PerennialQuestr: and addictive
    [04:54:15] PerennialQuestr: sometimes i have to force myself NOT to have a session
    [04:54:39] DC26.2: Of course my only issue related has been on and off again bouts of hemospermia which isn't a serious medical issue
    [04:54:45] PerennialQuestr: ha DC. that would be cool to see if they would
    [04:54:58] Valentine: I wish I was in your shoes, I got about two weeks before I can get back into having dedicated ANYTHING sessions
    [04:55:00] PerennialQuestr: sounds pretty scary
    [04:55:20] rumel: PQ - Mistress Aneros is indeed a seductive *** to usurp your time with her incessant demands.
    [04:55:20] DC26.2: When my wife was battling cancer, the insurance company wouldn't reimburse for wigs, but ...
    [04:55:24] Valentine: What's hemospermia?
    [04:55:26] PerennialQuestr: ok V. let's trade. you can have my free time.. i get your KSMO background
    [04:55:27] PerennialQuestr: how's that?
    [04:55:34] DC26.2: they did pay for cranial prothesis (sp?)
    [04:55:52] DC26.2: Hemospermia = blood in the semen
    [04:56:20] DC26.2: Urologist says it is pretty common but obviously not a water-cooler topic at work
    [04:56:36] Valentine: haha, I'm not super awesome at KSMO, just one FBO, a few orgasms, and other delicious feelings
    [04:56:45] rumel: DC - Has the cause been determined?
    [04:56:50] PerennialQuestr: you have that much on me, V
    [04:57:01] Valentine: I am very much a beginner in KSMO, too
    [04:57:19] PerennialQuestr: i hope to be one as well pretty soon, V
    [04:57:24] DC26.2: Sometimes it is just a blood vessel that just crosses too close to the urethra
    [04:58:13] DC26.2: I did have a cystoscopy to verify nothing serious was wrong.
    [04:58:25] PerennialQuestr: that's good
    [04:58:26] DC26.2: I wouldn't wish that procedure on my worst enemy
    [04:58:36] rumel: DC - Even so What would cause the blood vessel to break?
    [04:59:10] DC26.2: it might not even be a break
    [04:59:31] DC26.2: I'm not a medical doctor so I don't know the physics behind it
    [04:59:51] PerennialQuestr: guys thanks for the nice chat
    [05:00:01] rumel: DC - Will Aneros use be affected?
    [05:00:02] PerennialQuestr: this was entertaining and educational
    [05:00:08] PerennialQuestr: i gotta fly for the night, though
    [05:00:16] DC26.2: It's quitting time isn't it
    [05:00:18] PerennialQuestr: thank you Support for setting this up!
    [05:00:23] PerennialQuestr: night all
    [05:00:29] rumel: PQ - Good night
    [05:00:29] rumel: PQ - Good night
    [05:00:30] DC26.2: I'll have to chime in on the chat earlier next time
    [05:00:32] [email][/email]: thank you for participating, it was great!
    [05:00:32] Valentine: Indeed! night
    [05:00:37] DC26.2: thanks for the help y'all
    [05:00:49] DC26.2: l8r