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Limited success with MGX - so I went shopping
  • I have posted about my adventures with the MGX in the past but I was getting to the point of sheer and total frustration. I did manage a mini-O after repeated trials and there is no denying that it felt fantastic but I decided I needed to try other models to see what else might help me make some progress.

    I dropped into the local toy store that sells Aneros gear and saw that they had a Helix. Considering the near-unanimous praise of that model and the "more aggressive contact with the prostate" promised on the box, I decided to pick it up. On the peg just beneath the Helix was a Progasm which I handled out of curiousity but then put back when I saw how sizable it was in girth. As I made my way to the counter, it occurred to me that I wouldn't have the courage to come back into this place again very soon (I hate sex shops), so I went back and grabbed the Progasm on a complete whim. It was certainly more than I wanted to spend but I figured that I had what I might conceivably need in the way of Aneros equipment for the next few years.

    The next week, I had a trip out of town and scheduled one of the evenings to get acquainted with the Helix. After getting ready and lubing up, I slide it in and waited for the sensations. It was not more than five minutes when my prostate started tingling and I was feeling p-waves another 20 minutes later. I rode a gruesome syn wave of build up and relaxation for hours. I knew I was on the edge of a major orgasm but I couldn't make it happen and I couldn't let it happen... it just would happen for me. I finally gave up around 5:00am, exhausted and sore feeling like I'd had a session with "that girl from college who was an awful tease."

    My subsequent sessions have been rewarding and more pleasing, however after a mere four sessions I am encouraged.

    Again on a lark, I decided to try the Progasm after I ended a Helix session. I lubed it up and did some deep breathing but this was the largest thing that had been near my anus. I tried repeatedly to get it inside but I wasn't ready for this monster.

    Today, I gave the Helix another try and as usual, the waves hit quickly and she teases but then she takes her purse and goes home. I had it in mind to give the Progasm a go once I hit the 90 minute mark no matter what happened. I took my time breathing and relaxing and gave the Progasm a heavy coating of Vaseline before I started. It took three tries with gentle advance and retreat as the muscles permitted this invasion to occur ever so slowly. I got it past the thickest part of the top and it slid in as easily as the MGX.

    I was not ready for the fullness others had described with the Progasm and it was slightly uncomfortable while I adjusted. The thing I noticed immediately was a surreal feeling of being disconnected from the real world. I was breathing deeply and doing everything I could to relax and my PC muscles were already starting to move. Once I got my breath, I moved from the bathroom to the bed. I layed down and my anal muscles contracted hard which made the Progasm bang on the prostate like a cop knocking at night. Twice. Ouch! I reacted to that by pushing out on the Progasm and to my surprise it nearly fell out. It slide right back in without so much as a twitch and I slowed things down and just started breathing.

    I was surprised how quickly I adapted to such a large toy and I was astonished at how much more sensation there was... it was almost too much. The twitching was constant as long as I could relax. I had a habit of "locking up" when I tried to contract the anal muscle group but learned to keep things moving by letting go. I had a distinct sensation of the prostate being tapped right before each p-wave fired. So much more intense than anything to date. Panting was near continuous at one point when I was able to really focus and get everything lined up.

    My time had run out and I was getting ready to call it quits when I felt a strong wave. Another strong wave. Every muscle in the area tightly contracted and my prostate lit up like a Christmas tree. "Wow, that feels good... uh, oh...." I could feel the p-ball squarely on the prostate and I was moaning hard for the better part of a minute. I had a meeting to go to so I couldn't keep this up but that was just awesome, uh, oh...

    I ended up with three solid, one minute ---- Big Mini-O's??? I was on knees and elbows so maybe I was too stable to shake around but I didn't experience the euphoria I've read about. I clearly did not have the out of control shakes nor leaking pre-cum that some describe but it was wonderful. The pressure on the prostate was wickedly pleasurable and slightly uncomfortable all at the same time. I just wish I had more time to see it through.

    Progasm is my new favorite friend.
  • mine with the progasm and getting my first super-o on 4th session is the best of the line aneros models...have gotten a helix since...but it just doesn't do it for me as the progasm does...the helix is ok but it doesn't provibe the constant wham bam hitting on the prostate as the progasm does...just relaxing and going slow..contracting...u can feel it lift n hit ..cradeling ur prostate ...i tried something different yesterday...i normally never touch my cock in sessions...but..i let myself touch a lil and got a hard on...i watched as i contraced cock would stand straight up...let bobbed around...contract in shot straight up at as it goes..i grabbed my cock n started jacking while doing hard n holding pull-ins...this led to me raising my hips up and twinging...while jerking offf...hips up off the bed grinding in air as a massive penile orgasm shook me and i came like a torrent...could feel the progasm thumping...just milking me dry it seemed...hail hail..the progasm...whewww..