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Sudden, unexpected success! (hands free, without toys)
  • Hello everyone,

    As some of you may remember, I've posted on this forum about half a dozen times over the past few years, as I have always been very interested in the aneros and multiple orgasms (who isn't!).
    Unfortunatly, due to living arrangements I have at the moment I have never used the aneros, but I have always found this forum to be a fantastic place to learn more about the prostate and prostate orgasms. I've experimented with prostate massage for years, and while I've always found it to be extremely pleasurable when used as part of traditional masturbation, my prostate has never felt sensitive enough to stimulate on it's own.

    Well, that really changed last night. I was going to bed as normal, and I noticed (as I had several times over the past few weeks) that I was far more aware of it's presence than usual. and it seemed quite sensitive. This may be because I've been a lot more gentle in my external prostate massages after I read somewhere that you should only exert as much pressure on the prostate as you would if you were rubbing an eye. It's possible I've been too a rough with it in the past, and that left it somewhat desensitized.

    Anyway, back to the story - I tried massaging my prostate externally and within just a couple of seconds it started feeling bigger and began tingling. I was feeling extremely focused and aware of this sensation and I began flexing the muscles in that area while taking deep, slow breaths. In just a few minutes, the sensations expanded to pleasurable waves in my prostate that felt like almost warm breeze. My leg and back muscles started to flutter involuntarily, as did the muscles around my prostate, and my breathing became very short and ragged. The sensations became like rapid convulsions and the pleasure grew a lot more intense around the base of my penis and my testicles. Without touching my penis atall, I started to feel the building of a small but oddly intense orgasm that seemed to come in waves over about a minute. Sadly, every time these sensations started to peak I hit what I assume was the infamous brick wall, and the sensations would suddenly drop off.

    Still, even without a full orgasm the mini-o's/plateu peaks I was having were atleast 50% of a normal orgasm, lasted much longer and seemed return every few minutes until I was too tired and sore to carry on.

    I'm not sure where on earth this came from as I've never had any experience even close to this before, but it's been a real eye-opener. I hope I can repeat this performance again, as it's really surprised and amazed me as I'd never even considered I could manage sensations like this without the Aneros. Now I've seen a tiny part of this new and strange experience, I'm even more interested and can't wait to purchase an Aneros when I finally have the space and privacy to use it.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi VicViper!

    It sounds to me, like you are kind of dancing on the "rim" of a Mini or Super-O!

    Congratulations on your limited success and hope you get your first Aneros soon!

    With where you are now, I can see that "with" an Aneros you might be right in-line for rapid success???

    Hope we can welcome you aboard soon!

    Later, Hlaser99