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Not getting any noticeable sensations -- can you help?
  • Hiya, guys -- I'm really looking for advice, here. I'm one of those newbies who's not getting anywhere!

    I just bought a Helix. I'm 54, healthy, and have no hang-ups about anal play... my anus is very sensitive. There's no problem with relaxing, inserting it, or getting used to having it in me.

    However... I'm not getting any results or noticeable sensations.
    -- When I use the Aneros, I'm warm, relaxed, and rested; there's no time pressure.
    -- I've lubed it up with Albolene, and sometimes I inject a little ID Glide.
    -- I've tried a variety of the positions mentioned in the forums.
    -- The abutment tab is in place on my perineum -- no pain, but no particular pleasure, either.
    -- I contract my PC muscles, and can pull it in quite strongly. Yes, I'm aware that it's inside me, but I can't detect any "prostate feelings".
    -- When I relax the muscles, it moves outward/downward slightly. I've also occasionally tried bearing down, which pushes it out somewhat more.
    -- I CAN'T seem to hold a "partial contraction". My muscles don't get to the point where they spasm. It absolutely doesn't move involuntarily.
    -- With the Aneros in me, my penis generally goes soft. I play with other parts of my body, such as my nipples and my balls. I fantasize. It all feels great, but doesn't seem to move me forward at all.
    -- No "Mini'O's"... no "Super-O's"... no oozing precum.
    -- I've napped for a couple of hours with it in me. The feelings when I wake up are not appreciably stronger than when I went to sleep.
    -- I've had five sessions over the last two weeks, generally lasting about an hour. At that point, I masturbate normally. The orgasm is great, even though I'm soft... but nothing noticeably stronger than usual.

    It seems to slide easily enough... or should I use even more lubrication?
    The muscles I contract are the same ones that move my penis when it's erect... are these the correct muscles?

    Think of me as a highly-motivated student -- I'm really looking forward to experiencing what you guys have been describing, and I would LOVE some suggestions and advice!
  • Hi!

    I could echo your post almost word-for-word. Almost.

    My first five sessions or so were all complete and total duds. I mean, absolutely sensationless.

    What did I do differently after that fifth session? Not a thing. It just took time for my body to start to awaken, is all.

    I would recommend trying your best not to masturbate after the session if you can help it. You're trying to train your body to approach orgasm from an entirely new angle. Namely, one that doesn't involve penile stimulation. So, as much as you can dissociate the aneros from that particular... vantage point, I'd recommend doing so.

    Oh yes. Something else that helped me, the real turning point in my progress I guess you could say... was trying the "do nothing" method. I had had some mini-Os before that, but it was after the "do nothing" sessions where I really started learning how to truly relax and just feel my body. To be clear, I would literally do nothing but lie there and breathe and focus on my breathing. I would not make even one voluntary contraction. I let the aneros do all the talking, as it were.

    Even today, that method still has appreciable effects sometimes. I'm not saying it will take you anyplace. Likely it won't. But it might, just might, help get you on the path where you start to feel sensations. Any sensations at all. And that's a good thing, because it only takes those first few steps.

    Also, have you tried feeling your perineum for the sweet spot? I mean without the Helix. Get nice and aroused and feel around down there and see if you can find that little place where it tingles and feels so nice. At first I didn't think much about the importance of the sweet spot as it is called in these forums, but the longer I use my Helix and Eupho the more I'm inclined to believe it's not only important but crucial. If the Aneros isn't engaging it just right, pretty much nothing happens for me.

    Aside from this I would just suggest what will seem pretty lame and not helpful at all: patience. Time will share its fruit with you. It's good that you don't seem to be rushing during your sessions. That's important. Just relax and take it one session at a time.

    Good journeying to you.
  • one thing i''ve noticed after 4 weeks the controlling thing...after going bout an hour and 1/2..i let myself relax...laid back smoking a cig for 10 minutes or so..

    then...started some contractions,,,not sure which musles i used...just started boing with it and could feel my progasm thumping up against my prostate...squeeze n feel it...hold it there as holding ur breath

    release...again...then...squeeze...making it thump,,,rapid....u can feel it hit...

    since my one super o i can't quiet make it back n smoking prolly...butt...upon grabbing my balls n cock i start into a thrashing modeget hard and start wiggling n thrashing the combined forces of me jerking off and the aneros in tandem send me to a most nasty and wicked sensation..

    clentching hard..on the aneros as i cummmm....not like normal..a few spurts..but a stream of cummm

    bucking wildly as my cock spews......
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421

    I think you may have some misconceptions regarding Aneros usage. You said, “It seems that everyone else is having Earth-shattering experiences at the drop of a hat.” While this may at first be the impression one may get from reading the Forum posts, the truth is fundamentally different. Even the most experienced veteran posters to this Forum do not have Super-O’s every time. Given the above fact, it would be unreasonable for newbies like us to expect more than that.

    BF Mayfield, the acknowledged expert on the Super-O, experienced a Super-O on his first usage of the Aneros, but was unable to duplicate the experience for many months. Darwin, another expert veteran, took longer than a year to experience his first Super-O. Most of the men who are posting their experiences are riding the euphoria of the event and understandably may be exaggerating their experience but there are an equal number of posters like yourself who are experiencing the frustration of no or limited success.

    Your initial Forum post described the same feelings that I and many other Aneros users have experienced. It is easy to read something in the Forum and say to yourself “I get it” but do you really understand and accept the information being conveyed?

    In any event, this journey you have begun can have many twists and turns in the path and sometimes a step forward may also force a half step backward. Being patient with yourself and the process are absolutely necessary for successfully attaining the Super-O. Being a “highly-motivated student” is certainly helpful but being benignly patient may be more fruitful.

    Here are a few thoughts you might try to initiate some good feelings from yourself :
    • De-couple masturbating with the Aneros in.
    • Practice a few days abstinence before an Anerosession.
    • Read or view erotic material prior to an Anerosession.
    • Assure yourself an adequate undisturbed block of time (2 hours maybe)
    • During a session focus on observing/feeling even the slightest sensations and consciously note and acknowledge them when they occur (this is important because initial sensations are very subtle and easily dismissed or overlooked).

    I hope this can help on your journey.
  • Thank you rumel for the wise instruction. I am also new to this experience and you have answered many questions for me. I will strive for the long term instead of the quick fix. Thanks to everyone for the advise and the questions on these forums. I will stay tuned. :D