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Question about where orgasm happens
  • Hey,

    I've been using the Helix since August of last year. I don't really feel like I'll get to an O or Super O but I've been getting good feelings - mostly Anerosless.

    My question is this: When dry-O's or mini-O's happen do they occur in the glans of the penis or in the prostate? I mean, does it feel like a traditional orgasm in the penis without ejaculation, or does it feel like a traditional orgasm but shifted to the prostate? I've seen people talk about orgasms in their feet and so on - but while the orgasm is occuring in the foot is it also occuring in the penis or prostate? Or does it actually feel like an orgasm in your foot?

    Anyway - more about what I'm feeling at this point - I get really nice feelings in my prostate, lots of twitching and tingling, building and subsiding feelings, but not "orgasm" feeling of climax and release. I'm just having a hard time understanding what it would feel like and I wonder if understanding it better would help me get there. I've relaxed and let go of being goal-oriented for a while but began getting frustrated again recently...

    Anyway, if anyone has any clarification about that I would appreciate it.

  • for me, its not a regular climax and then release, its more of an electric pulse stemming from my lower back down to my prostate, and back and forth, which then causes me to thurst my hips forward and back.

    thats why i always finish off with a traditional orgasm to feel completely satisfied.
  • I've had mini-Os only so far, but I will tell you where I feel them. Mainly internal, around my pelvic region and my abdomen. Sometimes they will shoot up into my chest, around my heart. It's an unmistakable sensation. And while it feels like a release on its own right I'm still training to separate the traditional ejaculatory release from orgasmic experience. Dissociation by repetition heh.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    I have tons of orgasms with the Aneros, some mild and some extreme, some dry, and some wet and usually it is almost constant. Likely your 'twitching and tingling, building and subsiding feelings' are the start of something good to explore.

    Basically with me it starts with small spasms in the anus, anal opening, and prostate, not to mention pressure and nerve feed back from the perineum. The feedback cycle grows and falls, typically cycling a bit stronger each cycle. At fist only my abdomen, or anus, or parts of my legs (inside thighs) by quiver a bit. But with time this quiver increases, and the pleasure feedback in your brain will increase as well. Eventually I believe the anal opening gets a bit fatigued from constant contractions. As you contract it and as it starts to spasm this will also massage the prostate which will send pleasure throughout. The perineum is also a very strong part of all this and will back up and ramp up all the signals and feelings. My heart rate will start increasing and so will my breathing. I will go through long orgasmic cycles where I am breathing fairly fast and sometimes hard, and my heart will be beating pretty quickly. Eventually all of this becomes more than just twitching and trying to push something along. It starts feeding back on itself, and when it does orgasmic waves come across you. I take these waves and continue in bliss. I go on for anywhere from 1 to usually 3 hours but sometimes I've gone as much as 8. Eventually, (as in today) my body becomes overwhelmed. My heart rate continues to increase and gets louder in my ears. My breathing gets very quick and at times sporadic as I am shaking in some places (arms, legs, abdomen, etc). Finally the process ends when all these things are maximized to the point your body can't take any more. It seems here that my body naturally pulls the Aneros in deeper at that point where it stimulates the prostate fairly heavily, and then I start pumping and ejaculating prostate fluid. This feels almost identical to a normal hands on ejaculation / orgasm as far as the penis is concerned and the glands/body parts normally associated with it; however (like today) it is very much more. I ejaculated for I believe over a minute more than a tbls (maybe 2) of prostate fluid. My whole body was in very severe / intense convulsions at the time. It was incredible. So, that's kind of how it goes.

    Be patient, try to learn and experiment. Become familiar with your body's sensations and feelings. I and Zaneblue and others have in other places mentioned supplements such as fish oil and other things such as positions to try. Good luck!

    PS: Let me add that after today's ejaculation I required a bit of a refractory period, similar to a normal hands on orgasm. So, that tells me, and others that YES true orgasm and lasting relaxed pleasure is possible with the Aneros. Keep in mind, I don't know if any others have experienced the same as me. Perhaps a few - so it is rare, but definitely possible.

    PSPS: You know that feeling of inevitability you get when you are about to vomit? Also the way it feels when your body takes over and makes you do it? It is like that (involuntary) when you orgasm at this level. I don't mean the sensations are the same - it doesn't feel like you are about to vomit. It just feels overwhelming, over your whole body, involuntary and blissful when it happens at that level. Of course let me add that, the level I am describing is likely about the summit of any possible orgasm I can have. I can't imagine being any more involved body and pleasure wise than that orgasm. However just because the very top - wet orgasm / ejaculation with the Aneros is an incredible orgasm does not mean it is the only one. Before that point I have many smaller dry orgasms that are very much Super O's and incredible as well. However I just want you and others to realize where you can go with this tool. I realize I am very fortunate (believe me) to have stumbled on to this. I know a lot of you can find it too - that is why I am encouraging all of you. I want you all on this plateau - the view is terrific. Remove all your presumptions about traditional male orgasms and the penis - this has nothing to do with that for the most part. It is much closer in my opinion to the very strong all over body some women can have when they orgasm. Think of it that way. Actually I have to admit, I sometimes use that as motivation. I absolutely love women sexually and am turned on by them. It really turns me on to watch them being pleasured to orgasm. Oftentimes I fantasize that I am feeling what one of them is experiencing based on a personal encounter in real life with me, or in some video I saw. You may take the point of view of a woman experiencing pleasure. :D Works for me.
  • Thank you, OH!!!, that was a nicely detailed response.

    I guess the thing is I've just begun to wonder if I've hit the top and what people are describing is hyperbolic.

    I'll just keep going on doing what I'm doing and enjoying what I'm enjoying I suppose.

    Thanks again.
  • I read somewhere that a man's penis is an extension of his soul, just as a woman's vagina is the entrance to her soul. This explains why orgasm is not only extreme pleasure in the genitals, but something one experiences in their whole being.

    So where does orgasm happen? For me it is in my entire body and soul; absolute ecstasy in my whole being, pleasure beyond words from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head. And the amazing thing is that God has designed us to be able to experience this incredible pleasure even when we are alone. What a wonderful gift! For we are "fearfully and wonderfully made... and that my soul knows very well." (Psalm 139:14)