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  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Me: 56 year old guy with healthy interest in sex, married to sensual woman who has slow fuse and is happy with more modest sex life (she is also busy); therefor looking for outlets for my sexual energy and interests and still be faithful. I tried electro stim (didn't work), massage parlors (too shallow and expensive), vibrators etc (nothing really did it for me). Bought an MGX three weeks ago after reading testimonial on line. Read the forum almost in its entirety before I bought the MGX.

    The last three weeks: Did all the prep as everyone reccomended. First use two hours, I was very mechanical, too hurried and impatient. Mainly did it on my back with pillows under the small of my back while watching porn on computer in a motel. Legs tense supporting me. Nothing happened. Second use, same position tried to relax more, spent three hours and got a little tingling two or three times, continued porn viewing, some hope but hardly worth the effort. Third use, continued on back had same tingling at beginning still looking at porn, lost it when I switched from MGX to a new helix I bought. Spent 5 hours ... very frustrating nothing really happened. Next day spent 1 1/2 hours late at night. Same position on back with pillows. No porn. Nothing happened. Gave up and went to bed at 1:30 AM. Remembered some posts on forum about fantacising (no porn ...too distracting) and leaving aneros in while you slept.

    Left MGX in, turned out lights and went to sleep, covered up and got warm. Fell asleep for two hours.
    Woke up at 4 AM with a feeling of fullness in my rectum. Layed on my left side and did contractions as directed by forum members and began to fantacize about my wife's very sexy vagina. Laid on my left side with knee up. Bam, after three contractions I could feel things building. By 5 contractions I was in full swing. Wave after wave building and ebbing. Reached a fevered level that I was groaning and arching my back. This went on for two hours continuously. It was unbelieveable. I made it to the threshold of a super O at least 5 times. Found that when I was about to lose the wave and not continue . . . I removed the MGX for 2 minutes and let my prostate throb. When I slid the cool MGX back in I could feel my prostate surrounding it and swelling in contractions. I didn't even have to do anything . . it took off by itself.

    I spent two hours in what was a continuous state of orgasm. At times aI thought I would faint. It was unbelievable! I can't wait to do another session next week. I think I have started an exciting process. I still have a lot to learn but the trip is well worth it if the events of the last session are an indicator of the scenery I will have along the way.

    Lessons learned: Relax. If you can't, leave it while you take a 20 minute nap. Fantacize sometuning that turns you on. Get in a very comfortable position. Keep the room warm. Don't be distracted by porn. Listen to your body will tell you what it wants.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    wow, congrats.

    how about cross posting this to My First Super-O thread. (click the edit button, copy your post and paste it into a new reply in that thread.)