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    Has anyone ever slept with it inside? Is all nite too long? What is it like?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi JACKR,

    There have been quite a few threads about this in the past, here is one that may answer some questions for you.

    Have fun!
  • I often fall asleep with the euphro in. Ofter I wake up with a tingling feeling all over my body or with pleasure waves surging. Once I had a wet dream when I fell asleep with the aneros in. I am in my 60's, well past the days of the wet dream so this was unusual. I usually wake up after and hour or so, I have never slept the whole night with it inserted

    I have found the euphro most comfortable for sleeping. Remove the tab (not the p-tab, the other one and it is much more comfortable.
  • I could have written the above, except for the part about removing the tab. This is exactly how I use the "Do Nothing Method". If I awake about 3 hours later, and do not feel, the P waves, I remove the Aneros and go back to sleep.

    One thing I've noticed though, when I'm asleep with it inside me, I often have sexual dreams (very enjoyable) regardless of its effectiveness to bring on the full body P waves.

    I've found that the Helix and Eupho work the best for me.

    Posts: 14
  • I certainly do not want to condone any unneeded usage of narcotics, but I do have a story involving sleep and the MGX.

    I have terrible insomnia and have turned to sleep aids when I know I have to get up early as they help me go out easier. I work from home so typcially I can get up whenever I want and start working, but on this particular night, I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, which is when I sometimes am just getting to sleep! So at around 8 PM I took 3 tylenol PM pills and layed down to watch a movie.

    I know you are not supposed to be doing other things while going for the Super-O.. but up until this point I had really just used it as an enhancement for my regular masturbation sessions since it makes my orgasms absolutely incredible as compared to without it. So anyways I decided, hell I'll toss in the aneros and watch this movie, which was a couple hours long, and see if anything happens.

    About an hour and a half later I was feeling really REALLY relaxed. I was in that place where you just feel great, you are fighting to stay awake but the relaxation just feels awesome. I started feeling a warm sensation around the aneros and my penis began to have miniature spasms, sort of like when you are getting off. I also had some mini full body spasms, but I could not tell if they are happening involuntarily or if I was just doing it subconsciously hoping for something more.

    I don't even remember how it happened but amidst this new experience I was having, I went out like a light. But this is where it gets even more incredible. I am not going to go into details about lucid dreaming, because I could talk about it for literally hours straight. I had my first lucid at the age of 25 and am now 26. Since my first lucid I have had maybe 15 more of them, since I have began practicing how to determine when you are dreaming vs when you are awake. Well anyways, I had a lucid dream with the aneros still inside of me. It was sexual in nature, and I ended up coming out of it feeling intense waves of pleasure traveling across my body. I was only asleep for a total of about 3 hours.

    I was just confused for a while because I have had many instances where I wake from a lucid dream into another lucid dream, I've actually had a chain of 3 at one time. But I verified I was actually awake by checking the digital clock on my DVD player multiple times (if you are dreaming the time will change/look all messed up).

    The only part that sort of sucked was that it was difficult to remove the aneros. I was half out of it, and my anus seemed to be relentlessly clinches around the thin part of the aneros. I popped it out and went back to sleep.

    This is so exciting having all of these new experiences with the aneros. It brings me back to my childhood when I first began experimenting with touching myself and masturbation. To think there are these magical feelings out there just waiting to be explored and experienced!
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    Hi djdiddles,

    It's funny that you post this.

    I was just starting to do some research on lucid dreaming cause I've been having sleep paralysis last week. I was wondering will sleeping with Aneros in will have any effect sexually in the dream (hey it's my payoff for the horrible horrible sleep paralysis!). I guess now I know it can work.

    Can't wait to try.

    Thanks for the post! :P
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi JACKR!

    Let me preface this post by saying:

    "I am NOT an advocate of sleeping with the Aneros in!"

    That said, I do very much enjoy taking a mid-day "cat nap" with it in . . .

    I find that occasionally teetering on the brink of actual sleep is a really nice, snuggly time to just relax, let go and fantasize about whatever sexy things go thru my mind???

    (my Aneros seems to bring on these nice sexual situations, that play in my mind's eye for MY pleasure, sometimes I am even seeing from the Aneros as if it's a mini-sub, messaging my prostate! LOL!)

    This often leads to some wonderful dry orgasms and I love starting into them from an almost sleep-like state! (letting the O's awaken me with a kiss . . .)

    Later, Hlaser99