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The Progasm is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!
  • Well my Progasm arrived today. Having been a previous Aneros user, I was ready for the next
    phase in ultimate pleasure. The Progasm makes all the other models feel like tooth picks! This is an amazing design and it "fills you". I am a bisexual man, who enjoys sex with both guys and women. Both sexes have been replaced with the Progasm. Just kidding, but it feels that good!!!!!!

    I have only been able to give this a "dry run" as I had to get ready for an appointment. Like the
    previous poster on here, I felt I was experiencing a ride on a mechanical bull. It's awesome to
    see your body react to such intense pleasure. I have never been a "cum dripper" but I noticed a lot
    of pre cum on the head of my cock. It also pulsated a lot.....due to time constraints I just
    wanted to cum and did, like I have never done before. I can only imagine new heights this device
    will take me when I have more time on my hands.

    I found though, when I did come with the Progasm inside of animalistic type of intensity
    was felt all over my body and jaw. I thought I was going to fly right off the bed. I can't imagine what using this device would feel like with a partner. Perhaps I am too selfish to enjoy what it has given me solo, so far!

    To anyone who is already experiencing the joys of what Aneros brings to sexual pleasure, the
    Progasm is a sure bet. I am looking forward to the new doors and levels of pleasure this will
    bring. In closing, what is so different about the Progasm, I can still feel very small waves
    of anal pleasure even though it is not inside of me. It's sort of like a "hunger" for wanting more.

    The only word that comes to mind is INTENSE!
  • its so ur getting fucked huh?..wanders off..into progasmn land
  • FlarkieFlarkie
    Posts: 5
    My new Progasm arrived today. Makes me wonder why I waited so long to purchase it. Who says bigger isn't better??

    I have been an Aneros user for well over two years. In that time I acquired three different models before deciding to purchase the Progasm. It was a great learning experience for me as I progressed through the different models. I was one of the lucky ones that was gifted with a short learning curve. The first model I purchased was the SGX. I believe it may have been the only model available at the time. Shortly after inserting it the first time I began to get the contractions and full body shakes. It was an exciting experience then and one that grew even more exciting as I progressed through different models over time.

    After relaxing I inserted the Progasm, amazed at how easy it went in. Unlike the other models I find it very comfortable. My anatomy and it are extremely compatible with each other. Once in place it feels damn good.

    Within moments the involuntary contractions began. The contractions were unlike any I have experienced before. The rim of my ass began to pulsate at an incredible rate, driving sensations throughout the entire anal cavity and my body. Within moments my toes and fingers were trembling in delightful response to the sensations. I experienced wave after wave of pleasurable surges, electrifying every nerve in my body. Total bliss!

    My first experience was short, only about an hour or so. My euphoric moment came to an end abruptly when the UPS driver knocked on the door. Bummer!!

    I look forward to many more moments of pleasure as my new friend and I become better acquainted. It will be an interesting journey that I am looking forward to take.