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got my helix and medicine bulb tube dropper
  • following read forum instructions i bought this thing to put some lube internally..i previously got one of those meat injector syrenges...too big...threw it away...ok..this has markings on it like 1/4 teaspoon..1/2 much is the needed amount?

    before with the "big injector" i put about an inch worth of ky jelly in it..inserted and pushed the plunger...worked good with my progasm...only problem was when session was done and i pulled the progasm out..a flood of lube came enough to have a towel under me or i'd have fucked up my bed's sheets...think this was too

    am going to try my new helix this morning before going to bed ...but haven't seen any recomendations as to how much lube to insert internally as in amounts..fill it up?...half-way full?

    am excited about getting this helix..gawd i've bought 2 aneros models in 3 weeks...hope it is a different sensation than my snug fitting progasm...shouldn't it move more freely?
    i hope loving this journey in sexual experiences i've never been to with regulal marital sex...

    any answer appreciated or we'll just wing it and

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi evil-zombie,

    For the Progasm I use approx 1 teaspoon (5ml). For the Helix & Eupho 1/2 to 3/4 is plenty.

    Have fun!

    Old Wolf

    p.s. "..i previously got one of those meat injector syrenges...too big...threw it away..."
    Shame you trashed it, you could have used it for an anal douche.
  • well yeah...your right about that..didn't think of using it for that...oh well...i used the medicine dropper this morning before my first helix session..used the free liquid lube i got with my order from deep memories..2 squeezes of the bulb pushed it all in...oh..i filled the whole tube...think it was like 2 tspn...anywhoo...the helix experience was vastly different than my Progasm...

    very enjoyable as u can feel it moving rather than the plugged in tight super or mini-o's...but a nice enjoyable ride...gonna have to experiment with me..any session is quite fun and erotic...