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I'm getting real close or orgasm but I can't quite make it!
  • Hi

    Just going to set the scene somewhat....

    I've had the MGX for about 6 months and the Helix for about 4 months. I've had some great feelings from both of these which feel quite different from each other, although I've never had a prostate orgasm. I have come close though! and that leads me into my question....

    On two occasions, one of which was last night, I have come close to orgasm. I know this because the sensations were very pleasurable. My heart beat began to speed up. The sensations were interesting. I hadn't felt much yesterday so I did a little handheld stimulation using the aneros inside. I can find my sweet spot fairly easily using my hand. When I hit the sweet spot it feels like a concentrated 'sting' right inside my prostate that feels very nice. Well, I did some of this manual stimulation for a few minutes. My erection grew and I could feel my prostate engorge somewhat. I laid on my front and began to do some contractions. It felt fantastic. I drew the aneros in and released it very slowly. I feel the most pleasurable sensations when i release the aneros slowly. Each time i released the pleasure grew and grew. Each time I released the contraction it felt like I was getting closer to orgasm. I couldn't quite pull it off though! As I released the contractions it felt more pleasurable if I completely relaxed my muscles. It was as if I needed to completely let go, like when you urinate. I don't think I relaxed quite enough at the right time. This amazing pleasure slowly drifted away from me. My question, (finally !) is can anyone offer some advice to getting over the top of the hill? I'm fairly confident I was almost at the orgasm.

    Last nights experience has given me renewed hope. Up until then I was seriously considering sending my aneros to aneros heaven.

    Cheers guys.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi office_boy,

    It sounds as though you are already having orgasms to me. They are probably at a somewhat lower level but orgasms just the same. I am sure you have read in the forum that there are different levels to the orgasms. It is almost like it is a sliding scale as well because your body keeps taking you higher. At least that is how it is with me. Remember, you are basing your interpretation of a Super O based on how other guys describe it. I kind of got messed up with that myself.

    I hope this helps. Simply start enjoying what you are experiencing and stop thinking about the fact that you are NOT getting "over the edge". I think what you will find is that in this more relaxed state, you will start to soar.

    Have a great day, sounds like you are coming along great.