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Prostate Message Causes Testosterone depletion?
  • While doing a Google search on prostate massage, I ran across a web site on the subject, where a doctor had posted a comment saying that prostate massage could be potentially harmful (when done by untrained individuals or done too vigorously) and that even done properly, it would activate nerve receptors on the prostate to send signals to the brain to reduce testosterone production.

    I know Aneros was designed by doctors, so I find it hard to believe they would market a product that would diminish male sex hormones. But, anyone out there with a medical background care to comment on the accuracy of this info?
  • i can't beleive that..i jack-off usually 4 to 6 times a week..i'd be depleted..yet my beard still grows...and i keep cumming..sounds like BS to me
  • Testosterone is made in two organs of the male body. A small percentage of testosterone in made in the adrenal gland that is on top of the kidney. The majority of testosterone is made by the testes. Prostate stimulation should not decrease the amount any male makes.

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