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I Wish I had Found This Before
  • I just bought the Helix and believe me it is all that they says it is. I tried it for the first time today and, at first I was disappointed and was thinking about sending it back. But suddenly I started feeling this incredible sensation spreading through my body, now I am familar with anal play, but not something that is specific for the prostat, I had multiple orgasms over the next hour until I finally used some penil stimulation and had a mind blowing ORGASM that completely wasted me. I will tell you it was like nothing I have ever felt before. I am already thinking about buying the Progasm since the forum letters that I have read tell of the wonderful things that it is capable of. This is the most wonderful thing I have ever found and will continue to use it for years to CUM... :D [/u][/i][/b]
  • well...glad u enjoyed it...i'm on the flipside of you having started with the Progasm...ordered a helix and am patiently awaiting its or tomorrow i'm hoping..with the Progasm your not gonna get a lotta in and out movement but more of a full feeling that if your used to some anal play you'll enjoy...i like that myself as it has took me to the super-o once and many other building sessions ...have only had it 2 1/2 i ordered the helix to give it a whirl...knowing it will be a different sensation cause it will freely move...good luck and enjoy...
  • jazzjazz
    Posts: 3
    I love my helix, but I just ordered a progasm. I hope it is just as great or better!
  • gator1gator1
    Posts: 4
    I bought a Eupho last week, but didn't have the private time to really try it out until yesterday. It felt great from the time I put it in, got better and better the longer I used it. About 45 minutes in, I started really getting a great sensation in my prostate, kind of like really having to pee, but couldn't quite get over the top. I added some well-lubed penile stimulation, and ended up moving the Eupho in and out pretty rapidly for a while. It kept bumping my prostate and felt fantastic, and I had a really great penile orgasm. Is it normal to have to masturbate the penis (or, for that matter, to need to "f" yourself with the Aneros) in the early uses to reach satisfaction?
    Thanks, sorry if this is a goofy first post.
  • actually not goofy. i was very excited when i got my progasm and expected miracles right away. i soon learned that alot of patience is what i really needed. usually when i have my alone time i'll take care of myself, like shave down there, shower, while the whole time i'm thinking of having a great session. once i'm ready i'll lube up slip in my progasm and lay back and start doing some breathing excercises. i wont start my contractions for at least 10 to 15 minutes. soon my body takes over and i start having harder contractions, not once touching or thinking of my penis. i am able to have my big O's within 30 or 35 min and have lots of waves overcome my body. i have cum a few times without even touching my penis, and that is always a great surprise!! my sessions may last an hour or so and feel very aroused the rest of the day. so take your time and enjoy, let your aneros do all the work.
  • gator1gator1
    Posts: 4
    That's encouraging! I certainly plan to stick with it! it felt too good to quit.