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I tried the progasm for the 1st time and it didn't work...
  • I was a bit high:) Should I be sober to experience? Does a glass of wine help? I really want it to work!!! I welcome any advice!!! Thanks:)
  • It's recommended that you avoid any drugs/alcohol at first, or you might miss the beginning sensations. However with that said, your ultimate goal is to try and relax so if a glass of wine would do that for you then I say go for it.

    You have to give it time. Don't rush, and don't expect to feel anything amazing. Just stay as relaxed and comfortable as you can and follow the instructions included with your Aneros until you're comfortable with it being inserted. You may be very pleasantly surprised but if you happen to get some great feelings, don't go into the next session with expectations of feeling them again. Many have done that, and then lost them. Just keep an open and receptive state of mind and RELAX. :D
  • i can attest to first 3 tries..i was pretty buzzed on some beers..although enjoyable..nothing much more than..some tingling..lil leg and body try was totally straight just waking up..i hit it..full blown body waves like elecrtic bolts...just got totally lost in the experience..trembling and panting...hasn't happened again that wildly...would start then subside...lay still for a minute or 2..start again..same result....and i'm doing things which are prolly fucking things up i've realized...laying on my side while working it with the squeezing..but sipping a beer and smoking a cig...these distractions are counter productive...i'm not to do..good luck