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First session with a Aneros
  • heteshetes
    Posts: 4
    Hi! Just finished my first session with the Helix. Nothing much happened, most of the time it felt like I had to go to the toilet, but at least it gave me a chance to get used to the device in my anus. I couldn't relax very well though, maybe this too takes practice?

    Anyway, I've been reading on this forum with pleasure and know it takes time and patience! :D

    One question though, the instructions say I should contract the anal sphincter (muscle). What exactly is the anal sphincter (muscle) and how do I contract it?
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    Imagine you need to break wind, and that muscle you contract to stop yourself, well that's it.

    In time you will get very accustomed to using this muscle voluntarily.
  • heteshetes
    Posts: 4
    Ah okay, thanks Ian! :D