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Safe to clean Aneros in the dishwasher?
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    I'm wondering if it's safe to put the Aneros in the dishwasher (top shelf of course)?

    I don't think it will do the Aneros itself any damage, but is it safe to clean it with dishwasher detergent and then use it internally?

    I kind of figure that the detergent is rinsed off and dried at high temperatures so may be OK, besides we use plates and cutlery etc straight from the dishwasher.

    Any thoughts on this please?
  • I hope you are kidding about putting it in the dishwasher.

    Best way to wash is with lots of soap under hot running water immediately after use (in the bathroom, not the kitchen), then dry with a tissue and apply a little baby powder (cornstarch, not talc) to keep it fresh. Store wrapped in tissue and wipe off the baby powder before next use.
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    Not kidding at all. I mean, obviously you wouldn't put it in at the same time as the dishes, but it seems a good way to get a high temperature sterile wash for the unit as long as the dishwasher detergent doesn't do you any harm. This will clean it at far higher temperatures than you could achieve by running it under the hot tap.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321
    i think all of this is overkill.

    just wash with soap and water and forget it. it doesn't need to be disinfected. nothing is going to grow on it while it is dry, and, if it did, it would be something that is already populating your rectum.

    an analogy: do you disinfect your toothbrush?

  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    Thanks darwin, point taken.

    Just wanted to know if it's safe, though, as it's very convenient to simply pop it in the dishwasher, nothing really to do with going overboard on the hygiene aspects.