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Omega 3 EPA/DHA and the mighty orgasm - My experiance so far
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    First off I want to say that finding out about the potential benefits of going onto fish oils has been of great benefit to me. If you have not heard of this yet then may I suggest you have a little look around the forum and try and find some of the great posts by zaneblue on this subject.

    Having ordered and read most of zanes book on the subject I have come to realise that the amount of EPA/DHA that I am taking is nowhere near the recommended level that I should take. It is recommended that someone of my weight 75kg should be taking 2500mg DHA and 2000mg EPA, currently I am taking 360mg DHA and 540mg EPA. Even at this low level I have noticed some marked improvements in my general sexuality which range from increased sensation in the prostate (generally) to ejaculating 3x the amount I previously ejaculated with more intense mind numbing orgasms without the use of the Aneros. I am waiting for some higher EPA/DHA capsules to arrive and will be increasing the amount I take shortly, I will naturally post the results in due course.

    A point of caution however on the Omega 3 supplement, I have found that I have not been able to last as long during intercourse as the sensations coupled with the sheer amout that I have to ejaculate makes me cum earlier than ever.

    I am sure this is a short term issue and that I will develop a control method but just to make you aware that this can happen, I believe that zane gave a warning here about this before.

    The Aneros sessions are continuing as they ever had, I still have not hit the super O but I am defiantly on the brink of the discovery as I have gotten to a warm fuzzy place that I seem to kill by using my brain to rationalise that I must be on the edge. Needless to say at that very moment the edge disappears and I am left longing for the return trip to that happy place.

    A little tip that I have found to help me on my way a lot quicker is the idea presented by another user on this forum where you imagen holding a cigar in you mouth by using you puckered lips. You would need to apply pressure to the tip to hold the cigar in place but they would tire quickly as the muscle can not keep this going for a long time. Apply the same theory to the Aneros and you simply apply a puckered motion to the very base of the Aneros and try and keep it still, believe me sooner rather than later it will be flying in and out your butt like a possessed electrical device.

    That's all I have to say, I hope that helps some people.

    Any comments welcome, any questions I will try to answer.


  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I thought I posted this earlier, but maybe not. Yes, premature ejaculation can be a side effect of my diet. That's why I wrote the book for women! :lol: The diet works the same for men and women, and part of what it does is speed up orgasm--a universally good thing for women. It also speeds up vaginal/prostate orgasms, which is part of why I recommend it here, for men who are chasing after the Super-O. But if a man has problems with premature ejaculation, he will probably need to make a choice, or maybe just take the fish oil (particularly the DHA) before an Aneros session.
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Hi Zane,

    I forgot to put it in the post but you have mentioned it in the past, I think that its all about the new sensations that occur as part of the diet. I will be keeping an eye on the orgasm frequency and will take your suggestions on board.

    A quick question on your point about taking the omega3 just before a session, will that work. Reading the book I seem to note that most of the advice is to take it regularly to ensure a consistent result.

  • Thank you Zane for the word about premature ejaculation.

    I have been practicing (solo) having continuous orgasms without ejaculating and was managing to have many orgasms every day and only ejaculate once every couple of weeks or so.

    But since increasing my intake of fish oil, this is much more difficult, and I ended up ejaculating about ten days in a row following only about half an hour of activity. The pleasure has become too much to endure!

    But now, with more practice, I'm beginning to last longer again and getting back to fewer ejaculations.

    Thank you again Zane for your wonderful advice. This is totally awesome ...

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    :lol: I love what I do! :lol: It changes things all right. Thanks for the feedback!

    Morn, you need a baseline of EPA for the thing to work. There is some high-EPA product out there. That won't speed up orgasms. Then take all the DHA at once an hour or two before an Aneros session. I wouldn't take more than two days worth at once though.