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I've Lost the Great Feelings and Super Os
  • ZolaZola
    Posts: 10
    I bought several Aneros models a few months ago and was in heaven. I had tons of Super Os and life was great. The Aneros opened me up to anal play and I proceeded to buy several other anal toys - Njoy Pure Wand, Nectar Crystal Wand, the Feeldoe, several silicone and glass dildos, plus others. Life was great as I explored my P Spot. I recently decided to take a step back and start playing with the Aneros again. I'm not sure why, but the Aneros just isn't doing anything for me anymore. I have tried to regain the magic, but I am getting absolutely nowhere. Has anyone else had this happen? You know, you were an Aneros superstar, tried some other stuff, and then lost the Aneros feeling?