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Response to Night Birds question in sticky thread
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Night Bird,

    I figured I would pull this thread out of the sticky thread where you posted it for further discussion. You wrote:

    I have a question that I am trying to understand. My sessions are good Ihave a Helix and in about 15 mins I get waves and intense feelings, rising heartbeat, etc. Eventually I begin to get waves that grow stronger and stronger until sweat pours out from under my arms and intense pleasure develops though out my entire body---then it goes away and a minute later I am back in it again stronger and stronger until I actually have what I call a super duper orgasm and get uncontrollable feelings, which leads me to actually ejaculating (this usually comes from my side posiition). After I spurt I am done.

    Is this what it is all about is this the end game? Do any of you guys ever ejaculate like this (with out touching?

    I noticed that in the Aneros instructions it mentions staving off actually ejaculating allowing one to ride a wave and of that just before you cum feeling. However, it takes me about 1 hr to get to this level and by then I have had 7 mini O's and some super O's (i think) Is a super O the final orgasim before you cum and the idea is to sort of put the breaks on by loosening the contraction and repeat it over and over again?? I feel that it feels so good that I just can't stop and really want to ejaculate. I would love to ride that final wave just before I cum for a long time if that is possible like 15 mins. Is that what the super O really is to hit that level over and over again or am I there??

    Sounds to me like you are having a great time. That ejaculation is a scene ender, that is for sure. I know of many people that have written in this forum about experiencing this "hands free ejaculation". Some strive for it, others are bothered by it. Sounds like you are more bothered by it and I can understand why. Maybe someone who has experienced a "hands free" would be able to tell you how they worked through it. Hopefully, someone will comment on that.

    The idea of the Super O is to be able to ride that wave for as long as you wish. You did not mention how long you have been at this. I would think that after experiencing these sensations and getting more accustomed to them, that your body would not be so quick to send the ejaculation signal. So the answer to your question, "is this what it is all about?" my answer would be no. This is just a stop in your individual journey and my guess is that you will get passed this point and will be riding those waves for as long as you wish.

    You are certainly on your way.