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Extraordinary extended orgasms
  • Lately I have adopted the following technique. I bring myself in the usual way (described in a previous thread) to a nipple orgasm, then, instead of stopping altogether or going for a breast orgasm, I just gently massage my breasts, without touching the nipple, moving from the inside to the outside (the area between the nipple and my shoulder, which is the most sensitive.) I find I can keep an orgasmic feeling throughout my whole body in this way, and the other night I must have kept it going for two or more minutes before the orgasmic feelings subsided. This is ECSTASY pure and simple--an incredible discovery. During the prolonged orgasmic states I have numerous little throbs in my prostate, but I control them, holding off on the big knock-out breast orgasm until I have had a few more rounds like this.
    This technique is urgently recommended for those of you lucky enough to experience nipple orgasm.