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my progasm
  • ok...sorry for posting that..was a lil's the real deal...have always in my long marriage have tried using her toys n vibes in myself..i duh know..just like it..never had any weird feelings about anal...if it feels this marriage..i got her into it...receiving and giving...pleasurable immensly her sucking me and using a vibe in me at same time...think being on the receiving end of anal might be a plus startying with this other words..if your already enjoying butt stuff...this is gonna take u to a new plateau....never knew what was possible as far as totally losing it during a sexual session as i found out when i bought and received this progasm...

    what led me here was that i have 2 fleshlights that i enjoy a lot...and they had an aneros on their site..peeps posting bout it etc...curosity gets ya...can this be true?

    yes it can...

    lurked on the forums a bit...damn..i wanna try it...have to say..don't get pretty buzzed an expect anything major...with this toy and the mind and body thing is about feeling and getting fucked up before a session is ok..but as with my experiences dulls it...

    my best so far was when i woke up in the afternoon..fresh...i work nights...ok..lets go...yes will take u to an unexpected state of nirvana you've never been to...for me the progasm being as big as it is..isn't gonna float in and out like smaller ones...its in direct contact from the word best one was starting on my back..lil pullins getting the feeling going...u kinda feel like theres a dick in ur butt...i guess i've never had anything but her toys...anyway...there is no better feeling that u can have than this...turning on my side ..pulling in and releasing...its arm i'm laying on starts trembling...know after several minutes of this . i decide to get on knees n elbows...this position is like ur in doggie...u feel something like ur getting butt fucked...again..mind ur not..its not gay..its just u experincing what that might feel like...u grind and squeeze...don't listen to ur mind...its telling u this is bad or wrong...its a great feeling and i'm gonna enjoy it...clear ur negative thoughts..i can relate to those feelings of this is just wrong...butt having put my southern babtist beliefs aside...its a one on one personal experience...if i wasn't so personally thrilled with this thing i wouldn't be posting here...just hope others can feel what i have...

    oh god..who can i thank for inventing this...butt up n squeezing...ohh phuck...i took off...from there switching back to on the back..knees pulled just went spastic...trembling all over...warm waves crashing through me....raising ur ass off the bed..squeezing harder n harder....ohh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.....this is lose all control of yourself..bucking n trashing..panting heavily...when i hit the super -o...been close before bot not quite...all in all.i'm gonna enjoy this till i die...there is no other way sexually that u can get to this state...never having intercourse with the wife or fucking myself with one of her toys have i gotten this freaking outta control...

    thank u aneros for giving me a way to unleash the beast inside that was sleeping...i'm gonna be on the journy to get there with every session...a nice plus was that on my 4th try that i hit the super..she wanted to watch my next...felt a lil strange as she did..i didn't super-o but was twitching n such...she got off on it..was very interested watching me thrash aboutlike i said felt a lil strange ker watching...she took my cock and balls ..massaging them...climbed up on me getting my dick hard..and rode the hell outta me...said i was harder than ever and when i came in was just explosive...i flipped her over and proceddrd to eat her out till she bucked and spasmed in my lips.cummimg..
    thank u aneros..for helping us get places i never thought possible and for us finding a new thing to do in our already great sex life...its only gonna get better from here...

  • Well your post just persuaded me to buy one for my husband.

    I have been reading up on the Aneros for a few days now, wondering if the toys were any different to a normal dildo. But i guess your post answered that.

    I will hopefully be returning in a few days with a very happy husband in toe to share our experience. :D
  • im getting one recomended on this and its arrvin tomorrow ;0)
  • Evil Zombie:

    What actually happened DURING your Super O, after your build-up to it?