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My first attempt to ride the cloud
  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    Well, last night was my first attempt using the MGX. I had first learned about this alternate method of sexual satisfaction about 4 years ago and entertained the idea every so often since then. Finally last month I decided to do more research and decided to purchase a toy and check it out myself. So this is not something that I rushed into expecting to achieve the big O ten minutes after starting.

    I did plenty of reading and last weekend I ordered one. My concern was what one to buy because some folks talk about 5'6" and shorter might want to consider a smaller one. Well at the price charged for each model, I wanted to be fairly sure my first purchase. I actually am 5' 7", 62 years old and 165 pounds. I don't smoke or drink alcohol or do drugs. So I wondered about that. Not to say that I never did alcohol or drugs and often time used them during my sexual activities with my wife or other females. So I understand that special state those types of habits can bring during sex. That said, I wondered if the lack of substances controlling my brain would I achieve the same plateu as others in this forum.

    So last night I was ready to get into the experience. I lubed up the MGX and with a bit of pressure inserted the tip. I had to force myself to push it through the bodies attempt to keep the intruder out. Once in, I was able to relax and that took about two more minutes.

    I had the syringe ready to put lube into my rectum if it did not slide smoothly but once in all felt ok. I did the insertion in the bathroom standing next to the sink bent over as I would for a Prostate exam at the DR. office. I saw my cock grow a bit ( just a bit of a rise and a bit fuller) and saw some pre-cum on the tip. I know it was not prostate fluid because it was clear. I did not feel much discomfort on my prostrate once the unit was in and wondered if it was in right or maybe too small a model. I know the pressure I feel on the Prostate during the DR examination and there was none of that feeling.

    So off to the bedroom I went and after about 10 minutes relaxing, I tried some deep breathing and anal contractions. I did not feel anything special for about ten minutes laying on my back so I tried on the side. Again no pressure or tingly feelings. I guess I really did not know whatI was looking to feel and if it was happening I was not aware of it. I seem to recall that during the first say 20 minutes, it felt like the MGX was moving when I breathed deep or tried contractions. After that I really don't remember feeling any movement on my prostate or in my rectum. I remember reading from many postings that the Aneros should kinda move and float in the rectum during breathing and contractions.

    Well after about 90 minutes trying different positions and contractions, my body was too wore out to continue trying contractions. I was about as sexually aroused as I would be readying a Peanuts comic book so I decided to quit for the night.

    Now came pain that I was not expecting. I rolled over on my side so I would not make a mess and tried to pull out the toy. I expected it to come racing out like I was doing a BM. But no, the toy seemed glued to my intestine and not budging. I pulled it slightly and turned it back and forth hoping to get it to move. There was some discomfort trying to dislodge it. Well, actually more than just a little, I thought about just leaving the damn thing in for the night but decided against that. Finally with some twisting and pulling, I felt it move and then popped right out. I carried it into the bathroom and it was dry and clean even though I did not do a rectal rince at the beginning.

    Upon cleaning up my anal area, I looked for signs of blood but there was none. Checked again this morning after the nights sleep and ok. Today I feel a little discomfort around the sphincter opening but nothing more than I have if I should get real constipated and have a real firm BM.

    So I know that the next time I do an insert, I will definitely put about 5Ml lube in my rectum first. Hopefully that will keep the plastic from drying out and sealing itself to the intestines. I really expected to have more pressure felt on my prostrate with the device in and even see prostrate fluids come out as I do when I get my annual exam at the DRs. office. It had been ten days since I last orgasmed so I was built up pretty good and needed some release.


    I reviewed my results from last night and now have to find some answers. Is the MGX the right one? I think it should be.

    Am I doing the contractions right? I think so. I am squeezing my anus and attempting to pull it inside hoping it moves the plastic head and shaft along the prostate gland.

    Is the pressure point on the perineum? Yes, and I feel about 1/4 inch pressure in my relaxed state.

    Is it possible to have the Aneros inside my rectum, the pressure point on the perineum, the opposite side handle in the right position and the body of the Aneros not contacting my prostrate? I do not know that because I can't see it inside me.
    So if it is possible to have the Aneros inserted correctly and it is also possible to have the head and body cocked in such a position as to not have contact with the prostate gland, what do I need to do to correct the situation?

    So that's it after my first experience. I know I would have liked to say I reached the clouds on my first try but that is just a lucky first time happening in my opinion and from others writing their experiences. If I am going to be a failure at something it might as well be this one. But I am sure going to enjoy the fun of trying to ride my cloud.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320

    have a look at the Milestones in the Glossary sticky thread.

    you'll see that one of the first milestones is thinking that the aneros does indeed fit you. many before you have had the same question.

    remember that what is happening is that you are starting a process of sensitizing the area. the reason you don't think it is touching is that it isn't sensitive yet.

    here are my suggestions:
    - inject 4cc of lube. it seems you were too dry.
    - ease the aneros in, massaging your anus so it opens a little. no shoving
    - during your session, caress yourself sexually, eg, nipples, thighs, etc (but not penis)
    - don't write any posts until you've had a bunch of sessions.

    the reason for the last one is that i recognize an over-thinker in you. i think you should use it a while with your mind disengaged, and without expectations.

  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    I have to ask a question because I am confused. It concerns contracting the anal area so the Aneros moves along the prostate.

    When I am doing the contractions:

    - Does this mean I should be just squeezing my anus as I would if don't want to pass gas?

    - Or does it mean I should be trying pull my anus inside me so to speak as I am doing my deep breathing.

    Yes I know this is basic stuff to others with experience and I looked in the glossary for information. Most postings talk about contractions but no explaination. Help please.