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think i'm having a lot of mini-o's
  • first few sessions we're very intense with my progasm...felt a lil tingling...immense pleasure...4th as i have posted was full blown...beyond total loss of control...was in a state of extasy...u can read it yesterday..was going at it...feeling the same feelings..body twitching...wave after wave of electric wondering if i'm enjoying this too much..7 times in 5 days...but i can't seem to stop craving it...was in a state of bliss..arms n legs tingling..feeling the waves..then it stopped...lay there a few minutes on my back and within a minute the waves started again..this is almost too muchh...bucking n squeezing on it as i spasm...

    have realised watching several progasm doesn't move as much as other models fits snug n stays in place..cradeling my prostate...only my movements ..pulling in and releasing gets it going..this seems to work for me...different positions have diff results..
    as if i'm on knees n elbows then switch to on hands n knees lowering my ass to fhe bed and clenching hard..very pleasuable...other than my 4th try where i totally lost it and went somewhere..another galaxy or what...i've been getting right there only to have it fade..leaving me brethless n panting...after that one major experience...other sessions i end up where i'm clutching my balls n stroking my dick while thrashing about..clenching n pulling hard as i can...till i cummmm
    its undescribable how good it feels...