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lil sore but damn..
  • just had my progasm 5 days...finished 5th n 6th session a lil ago...gawd my butts a lil sore
  • Hey evil...

    I have had my Progasm for 4 months or so now. I do LOVE it and am glad I have it.

    Do you have any other models?

    I have been wondering lately how soon I should invest in another aneros. I feel I can get 80-90% 'there' but something is missing in the experience. I am wondering it is the lack of movment that the Progasm has as compared to other models.

    I know from reading the forums that others go a long time without reaching the I am being patient.....but at the same time from the moment I insert my Progasm I am under its control. I am curious to know if the Eupho or MGX would launch me to another galaxy.

  • no...the progasm is the only one i have at the moment...from what i'm reading here..i'm thinking maybe i'll get the eupho next...
    kinda like going from one extreme to the other i would imagine...and yes...when it does hit full blown you will feel as if you've been transported to another galaxy...that been the galaxy of never having had a sexual full body experience like that before in your life...was for me anyway...good luck...