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Forward o In and Out?
  • I have had my Aneros for about a month now. I have not had an opportunity for any of the long three-hour sessions I read about in the Forum. I did have a couple of half hour goes at it that were relatively pleasurable but nothing approaching a regular orgasm much less a super one. Twice I noticed a marked increase in cum when I masturbated after the session and this was nice and appreciated.

    This past week, I have taken to inserting the Aneros and warring it for a few hours in the evening like a butt plug and practicing anal contractions. Felt rather good but nothing to knock me out.

    Last night by body took over. Up to then I had been contracting my sphincter muscle thrusting forward, rather like what I would do in having intercourse. Lest night my butt took over and my sphincter muscle started to contract in the exact opposite way. Instead of thrusting forward they pushed backward, rather like I was taking a dump. The Aneros begin to slide in and out of my anus causing a very good feeling. Not an orgasm but much nicer than the thrusting. Feels really good when I put the two contractions together.

    Having I stumbled on the proper anal contraction method? Or am I going in the wrong way? Your opinion please.

    :( :(
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I consider myself still a newbie in the Aneros experience, but I can tell you that there are a variety of different approaches or paths to move forward on your journey. You asked if you had “stumbled on the proper anal contraction method”; there is no one or “proper” formula for achieving a Super-O. You will need to listen to your body to find the individual combination of techniques that will lead you forward. As long as you are getting good feelings with the technique you are using, continue to follow that avenue where it takes you. As you read more about other’s techniques on this Forum you will realize there is a great diversity of techniques, while at the same time there is a similarity of actions that lead toward your Super-O. A technique that works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.
    I know this is not the kind of definitive answer you would like, but it is the truthful reality of the experience. It sounds like you are making good progress as your “butt took over”, that is a good sign that you are inducing involuntary contractions (a frequently noted precursor to impending orgasmic contractions). Just keep at it; I’m confident that it will get better for you.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    The method I tend to implore that works excellent for me is to go through cycles where you apply pressure with your anal opening similar to if you were to put the Aneros in your mouth and tightly close your lips around it and hold it. I typically do that using my anal sphincter muscles for varying lengths of time. Usually I use only mild or moderate pressure. Do this for awhile and then release the pressure. Allow your self a few minutes at least to feel your body's reaction to the sensations that brings before you apply some pressure again. I typically hold for a count of 25, 49, or 70 seconds and sometimes more. The more you hold the pressure the more fatigued the anal muscles become and they then begin to spasm a bit. That causes sensation on your prostate. The continued pressure on your perineum will cause nerve feedback and build up. Don't over do the pressure on the contractions or do them too long. Also don't just focus on the pressure. Most of the time should be spent focused on the feelings the pressure causes and the feelings you get when it is released. Eventually with me it then becomes an automatic feedback cycle. I no longer have to willfully contract. My body will just start spasming and releasing / contracting over and over each time getting more intense. At some point I am in true orgasm where my body is orgasming / spasming and I am gasping for air. At that point I am am no longer in control and am pretty much at the mercy of my orgasms to take me where they will.

    In my opinion you won't get a big satisfactory Super O experience with less than an hour. I mean, you can have them, but for me once I near an hour or more the experience is on another level. So, make sure your provide yourself time.

    Best of luck.

  • only 2 tries so far as i've had it 3 ur saying...pull in and hold for awhile?