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So So Close But Still Yet No Orgasm
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi there today I had a session in which i started mildly aroused for the first five minutes of the way
    i wreckon i got over half way towards an orgasm then the arousal left and i think i was mostly
    forcing it the rest of the way. The first time i was very close to orgasm and almost had one it wasnt
    all that intensely pleasureful but i felt a pretty good really tight feeling in the muscles just below my balls, most of the time it felt like i was closing in an orgasm but the feeling kept backing off a little
    i think its almost impossible to force and orgasm to happen with this device, and i find it almost impossible to relax during the aneros sessions i have to keep switching sides when im lying down on the bed. Please Help.

    Cheers thecritta
  • Forcing anything in this game isn't going to yield much in the way of results. Sounds like you're nearly there. Be patient and just enjoy the nearly-there feeling and you'll tip over the edge when you're least expecting it. Let your body take you by the hand and lead the way.
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    I had a Super O on only my third time with the MGX. I'm not sure if such a quick result is a good thing or not. It's good in that you know what your body is capable of. It's bad in that you then start to work towards that rather than just going with the feelings.

    For several months after that I was chasing the next Super O and found myself thinking about this as the sensations built. Consequently, I never got there.

    I am now managing to just go with the feelings and am getting closer and closer, feeling like I'm at the top of a hill ready to go over the edge. Now, though, rather than try and run to the edge and slip, I am going at my body's own pace and figure I'll get there in the end.

    You are definitely right that you can't force things with the Aneros, and trying to do so is incredibly counter productive.
  • I struggle with what to do after the warm up. I have had many sessions and each has its own milestones and unique sensations. I have done everything from completely passive sensation exploration (insert and relax) which I can't recommend to 'forcing' the issue with strong contractions and a lot of the in between. I am learning a lot about what doesn't work and in the process learning some of what does. The sticky posts have a lot of different advice and trying it all is quite the process.

    I have learned the difference between an anal and rectal contraction, I can now feel and appreciate when the prostate is getting stimulated. My last session, things started firing right after I put it in which is very unusual for me. About two hours in, I switched to knees and elbows and shortly thereafter felt my whole body flush, everything down low went hard and I had about 45 seconds of my controlled breathing turn to panting. I had some clear involuntaries which I had not experienced before. While I continue to make progress and feel new and interesting sensations, I'm still on the quest.

    The tough part for me is understanding what to do at different times. I read about 'creating fatigue' in the muscles to help the process along, I read about holding a contraction at 20% while relaxing and other highly subjective suggestions. At some point, I know I have to find my own balance and not push to make it happen but when do you do the strong muscle tiring and when do you go passive? It is almost like there are three phases to the process - the warm-up, the build up and the ride. The key is getting it all lined up so you can get to phase 3 but you almost have to get lucky to find it.