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It makes a world of difference if your wife is understanding
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    I'm new to this forum, having had an Aneros now for about 6 months. I started with the MGX and now have a Eupho as well. I like them both equally at different times.

    Having read about some negative reactions from wives and girlfriends I can only sympathise. My wife has been fantastic about me wanting to try this to the point that one of my Christmas presents was the Eupho, a bottle of Maximus and a box of Aneros Marksman.

    She likes me to use it when we are together but also is fine if I want to use it at other times even if she is there. She will even suggest things for me to watch that she knows will get me in the right mood. This approach by her has thoroughly enhanced my experiences and, although I've only had one true Super-O, I feel my technique is getting better and it's only a matter of time before more come my way.

    To all those with partners who don't approve of the Aneros, or who think that a man must be gay if he likes anal stimulation, I hope they come around. Showing them this forum may help.

    To those whose wives or partners are as great as mine, congratulations!!

    Happy New Year to you all and I hope to be an active part of the community here.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Ian92!

    You are a lucky man!

    Over 10 years ago, when I was married, my mate was "totally" closed-off to any kind of sex, other than traditional! With hind-site, I can now see that this was a major contributor to the demise of this marriage . . .

    It is great to see that there "ARE" marriages that are healthy and open sexually to ALL the wonderful things a couple can experience both together and side-by-side!

    Congratulations on your success!

  • damn right...since my ole lady digs this its big plus
    ......she has watched me...thrashing n carrying on..
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey EZ!

    Maybe I should have tried a gal from TN on one of my marriages - Did try a KY gal, but she broke my back, then she broke my heart!??? LOL!)

    This "has to be" a tremendous help in reaching your potential! (not having to sneak around and hide one's sexual expressions)

    Good for you too!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • i think that her being open to me having this progasm does worries that you'll be "caught" so to speak...she likes anal tooo..that in itself has been great over our 23 years together...after i got her started...she opened up to new ideas such as giving me a blowjob while using one of her vibes with a condom on it up my that will for sure help u blow a bigger wadd in her mouth... we haven't progressed to the strap-on yet...but i'm hoping..have talked about it but i get the feeling shes not going to go for it..oh well..everything else we do is great so phuck it..LOL...
  • newrobnewrob
    Posts: 1
    My wife is also open to it. She enjoys watching me and encourages me to try new positions. sometimes she just hands it to me and says it's time.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey newrob!

    Wow! "It's time" I love it!

    Another happy camper . . .

    I love to hear this stuff.

    Later, Hlaser99
  • one of the best things we've ever had happen was ...bout 2 weeks after my progasm...wifey asked..are u enjoying it?...yess i am...i wanna watch...she says...oh hell ..i'm game...she laying on the bed her head near my feet...just do what u do she says...she gets one of her vibes n starts on herself...i'm thinking ..shes gonna freak out on this...we've played before with her using a vibe in me as she blows me...sooo..ok..lets start...

    i start...putting it in...start slow...letting it start...roll over on my side...doing the response as she watches...flip over onto my hands n elbows...she says ..damn..watching it work n an out....maybe 10 minutes of this...i'm groaning and flip back over on my back...

    shes working her vibe and watching...

    i start getting the lil wild things going on..legs trembling..raising my butt cheekks off the bed n clenching harder....its feeling good...shes steadily working her toy watching..,thinking...go for it?

    hell yess...bucking my hips up and wiggling...clenching my knees together n grinding in mid air..ohh fuck...
    not on the verge of a super-o...just loving it..maybe an anal orgasm as my ass was quaking...she pulls her toy...starts massaging my cock n balls as i'm gets hard as it was flopping around half-hard n leeking before...this is too good...i get fully hard and she mountts me..progasm still in......ohh fuckk...playing with her tits as she rides wildly...i fuckining violently..the progasm shot out my ass...and she just rode me ...damn....any better in all our years..i don't think so....and to top it off she says...your so nasty,,i love u...and start licking my ass..ohh jesus.....