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Will This Thing Mess Up My Prostate?
  • I mean besides keeping it clean before every session so I won't prostate infection, just by using it will it mess up my prostate. I am no scientist but I'd imagine human prostate is not meant for some foreign object to touch it, and I don't want to end up in a doctor's office because I played my butthole too much.

    That also brings up another question, can I use rubbing alcohol to clean the Aneros to sterilize it? Or can I only use warm water and soap? What about those alcohol based hand sanitizers?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I don’t believe you have anything to worry about with regards to injuring or damaging your prostate as long as you use it in accord with the manufacturer’s instructions. There are veteran users in this community who have logged hundreds (if not thousands) of hours using these massagers with no reported ill affects. If you use common sense and don’t over indulge yourself in Aneros play, you’ll be just fine.

    Soap and water cleanup are just fine, I personally use an anti-bacterial liquid hand soap and hot water before and after each use. I have not incurred any problems with that regime. For an extra measure of protection, you can wipe it down with rubbing alcohol, that won’t damage your Aneros at all, nor will the alcohol based wipes. One word of caution, however, make sure the massager is completely and thoroughly dry of alcohol before ever lubing it up and inserting into yourself. Alcohol can burn and irritate the delicate tissues in your rectum.