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  • i bought my first aneros on saturday. i had a session and it really wasn't what i expected. it was ok but not earth shattering. i did it a couple of times during the weekend but no big deal. i kept thinking that i have the wrong size. my store only carried the first model--i foreget what is called but its the smallest and i said to myself that id have to send for the halix model. but tonite i tried it again and could not believe it!!! the feelings and sensations were much much better than the weekend and i was definatly getting into it. the sessions on the weekend reminded me what not to do. i also have a bit of experience playing with my prostate using fingers objects and dildos etc. i also had some poppers with me and did some to relax and to hekp me get in the mood. that definatly help and all of a sudden i could feel things i had never felt before it felt SO GOOD!!! and i feel i had a super O because ifelt like a real intensness and peak like i was going to cum but dry. i was shaking all over my legs were shaking i was moaning with pleasure and each time id go and had that dry cum id giggle . it happend 3 time in a span of about an hour. could it be the superO??? im sure it had to be!!!