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Too Small or Too Big?
  • adriadri
    Posts: 1
    I bought just a week ago the MGX model as is the one recommended for beginners and I have to say that the sensations were there from the beginning but of course it takes a bit to get use to it. The most difficult sensations to get over are the need to pee and BM. So I thought that probably it was to big for my anatomy as they stay there even after I "got used" to it... but on the other hand when I start to do the contractions and the pulsating feelings increase I always get to the brink of "crossing over" but it feels that the tip of my aneros is not touching profoundly enough to be pushed to the other side and I have to press harder for the tip to reach deeper but I get a bit tierd afterwards... or I don't know if it is touching the wrong parts... so it is difficult to determine whether it is SMALL or BIG! I am 1, 74 m and quite thin just to have a more accurate idea... I aslo have to mention that the only way for me to get to the brink is touching my nipples.... otherwise I just get nice sensations but no getting closer to that point..... or probably I just get very exited when I'm feeling it coming that doesn't allow me to get over.... or I just need a different model..... Any tip from the more advance who also tried many model would be very useful...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi adri!

    I have ALL models, but at your early stage, I wouldn't be in any real hurry to pick out another quite yet... Take your time and get some experience under your belt.

    Most all of your concerns will probably disappear on their own, so just relax and enjoy yourself for now!

    It sounds to me like you are on the right track and all will get easier, with experience....

    Welcome aboard!

    Later, Hlaser99

    P.S. I'm a nipple man too!